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  • Hello to you too! Yep I do love them. Now if only I could play them without interruption. .that would be great.
    I believe I understand those buyers feel with the mountain of goodies they're not able to finish.
    Ooh, an Asian too. We'll get along :D Nice to see you too.
    That look pretty bloody for me :shocked: <---- cant handle horror very well
    I'm the same but i think the level is not high ( if you have any that can rec please do so cuz i kinda rarely listen to drama CD since most is not fun )
    That seriously shocking :shocked: i though DBLV is unbearable but this is........ ( sneak sneak )
    Ropeplay.... i cant imagine :hypnotized:

    Do you have anything esle rec cuz im gonna cramming those into mi head later :lmao::lmao:
    Poor our Hinata :TT^T . Is it that seriously bad :shocked: ( comparing to DBLV is it too much ?? ). I have Jouubachi cd but have yet listen to it since i forgot about it :XD:
    I kinda a bit creepy about Yuuri cuz he kill everyone related to the heroine ( though it for her but still ). Mint plain but i kinda prefer cool type. AKIRAAAAA IS TOTALLY FOR ME!!!! . i Waited for kanade since he the boss ( through other chara he seem like a...... fun person ). I wish for the game to release ( if possible ).
    Inma.. added* If you said so i deffinately gonna her it ( though i dunno how am i suppose to sleep :XD: )

    Have you seen our ANF otome game forum. I recon you go there. ( A bunch of good game was poted by arataxia along with the bonus CD )
    I know right!!!! reject make me addict to everything ( my first reject game was black wolves saga- bloody nightmare- and i start to addict to reject ). Otoge game rec eh...... For PSP i quite like this 1 はつカレっ☆恋愛デビュー宣言!. It Cute!! . i will go more reseach ( down a lot but play not by halves of it :lmao:. BTW you sould listent to seventh heaven drama cd. It etremely >W<
    Dot karenshi i like t play is part 1. Part 2 is ok ( too much do M since im addictive to DBLV :XD: ) Love revo.. I only like the teacher and Ren . As for psp I still like brothers conflict a lots ( passion pink version Fuuto chara )
    i understand how u feel, im the same ( 10 years of listening to JP paying off in games and drama CD as well ). BTW wat would you recomment for otoge gaming??? ( im currently addicted to double score :goodtea: )
    the More blood is quite good and it have surprise elements as well ( i wont spoiled anything cuz it wont be fun )
    i also wanted to play Norn 9 but too lazy ( btw i dont understand jp reading but listening i can partially get the general idea)
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