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  • Soooo~ I'm kinda wondering, when and why did you become an uploader? (even before being on AS maybe??)
    Kami-sama, could you please find this album for me, I can't seem to find it on Shinnoden, here or Nipponsei, you seems to always able to work magic so I thought I'll ask you!

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. I do own the actual disc before you ask, but I would like to own the digital version as well since I don't trust myself with ripping XD
    Hi there Anti :3
    How you doin?
    It's late but..
    Can i add you to my friend list? if you don't mind of course :3
    I wasn't exactly sure, I didn't check, you might be right, I only included because I was being lazy to check, the 2nd one does in fact have 2 extra track, the real difference only comes when you buy the OST separately or bundled into the Collector's Edition N7
    Thank you very much for accepting~

    I hope to get along with you even more~

    Hahaha... waifu~ Of course, I understand~ :3

    Then please enjoy these sweets along with your waifu~

    Hi there~

    I was just wondering... is it all right to add you as a friend?... dessert?

    GOD MY OOOH!!! Thanks for this, she's so cute in here aaaahh!! :fullblush: -saves-

    :nosebleed: :nosebleed:

    Hmm maybe danbooru has the pic as well? Ahaha, will try to do some searching on that site much later. XD
    Ah speaking of which, may I see the whole render you used? And if you got any information regarding the artist as well? :XD:

    I really wasn't able to recognize her, and yes, it maybe is because of different artists haha.

    My goodness, how come I wasn't able to recognize her?! Ahahaha!! XDD

    Dang, hahahahaha, and yeah, I know that anime too, I am anticipating it to be aired soon. ♥_♥
    Which character is in your sig from? D:

    And it deed caught my attention, it seems I found another one who likes using fractals on sigs! :XD:

    I like using fractals too (most of the sigs I created and will likely create so far). ♥_♥
    not really good
    i will wait then
    you're kind person as usual anti
    really glad can chat with you again
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