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Feb 24, 2012
On a site such as Hongfire, I feel it's safe to say aside from the occasional troll, we're all fond of Anime to some degree. But what's not often discussed is the various other Cartoons and Animations the world has offered.
This topic is dedicated to such a discussion; what are some of your favorite Cartoons? Your opinions on them? And other such related subject matter.
As for myself, for starters, I'm quite fond of the original Nicktoon lineup from the early 90's. I grew up during the birth of Nickelodeon, and am quite glad I witnessed the first few animations that built this now somewhat lackluster network up.

Ren and Stimpy- this show still remains one of the most bizarre, psychotic, and well animated Cartoon America has ever had to offer. It portrayed the deepest depths of insanity successfully to Children across all of America (and many other countries.) With a sense of humor just as equally twisted.
Rugrats - (Well, the first few seasons at least, prior to "Dil" being introduced.) This show had quite a deal of humor and references that are easily enjoyable to an adult audience. Good at parodying real life in many aspects, with a simultaneously sitcomish and dry sense of humor.
Doug - It's not the most well animated show, not the most well crafted show, but still remains one of my all time favorites and is in a number of inside jokes between many current friends, as well as other friends I've had down through the years. There is a certain amount of imaginative ridiculousness that accurately seemed present in many kids growing up, which Doug portrayed well.
Hey Arnold - A classic, filled with a diverse number of characters and quite a number of memorable episodes. Even characters who seemed to be merely in the background at least had one episode devoted to giving them depth. Occasionally dealing with some heavy issues represented in a fashion adults would get, while kids would be more likely to relate to. (Such as Chocolate Boys chocolate addiction, which obviously related to someone addicted to hard drugs.)

As for other networks, shows like Dexters Lab, Cow and Chicken, Powerpuff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog and other semi-recent incarnation of Hanna Barbara Cartoons were all highly enjoyable and humorous in my opinion.

As for cartoons designed more for an adult audience. I've, for the most part found South Park (Aside from perhaps it's first season) to be quite witty while still maintaining it's lewd ridiculousness.
King of the Hill is quite possibly the most "down to earth" American cartoon I've seen that remains extremely humorous through most of it's run time, and as such is one of my favorite shows of all time.

As for recent animations, Superjail, while I'd say isn't particularly funny, is very well animated, and shows that just because a show is animated in flash, doesn't mean it can't be visually jaw dropping.

There are a number of others such as Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law. Old classics like The Flintstones and Loony Toons, later spin off such as Tiny Toons and Animaniacs that I have high opinions of, but I've rambled on long enough.

Anyhow, now it's your turn to ramble on as the question at hand is again asked: what are some of your favorite Cartoons?
Cartoons formed a huge part of my childhood, with lots of my time spent on Cartoon Network and Nicklodeon.
In no order, I will list out those I can remember:

Scooby Doo - All time favorite, watching even till now.
Looney Tunes
Tom & Jerry - Another top favorite even till now
Dexter's Lab
Cow and Chicken
Hmm Recess was a show wasnt it? or something like that...
Watched shows pretty randomly :/
Liked scooby doo and whatever else i watched but i remember the animes more xD
Hmm Recess was a show wasnt it? or something like that...
Watched shows pretty randomly :/
Liked scooby doo and whatever else i watched but i remember the animes more xD

I like scooby doo ,too. It's great cartoon
The last I watched CN about 6 years ago.
I like watch ... uhm ... I don't remember that name.
I only remember that have Bunny rabbit and his friends (baby) and grandmother.
Pink Panther
Looney Tunes
Felix the Cat
Rocko's Modern Life

Some really good ones out there. Feel like watching them again.
The last I watched CN about 6 years ago.
I like watch ... uhm ... I don't remember that name.
I only remember that have Bunny rabbit and his friends (baby) and grandmother.

Kasumi chan , I have seen you on Ulmf . I glad see you stay here :)
The old Looney Toons
The old Pink Panther (before the 70's)
The old G.I.Joe (before Serpento take over Cobra from Cobra Commander)
The old Ghost Busters
The old Tom and Jerry (before the 70's)
Power Puff Girls (the original)
Exo Squad
Eek the Cat

There's more, but since it's already 2:00AM at my place, I can't think any more.
Will post some more when I remember more.
Used to watch Betty Boop and Josie and the Pussycats.
My faves were (and will always be!):
-Looney Toons! Road Runner ftw!
-Dexter's Laboratory
-Swat Cats
-Tom & Jerry (who doesn't like it o.o)
All Looney Tunes related cartoons, but especially Daffy Duck oriented series such as Duck Dodgers
Tom & Jerry
Duck Tales
Rescue Rangers
All of the old CN cartoons Power puff girls,Samurai Jack,Courage the cowardly dog etc.
Justice league/unlimited
Batman the animated series,Batman Beyond,
Harvey Birdman Attorney at law
so far thats all that comes to mind..but im sure there were more :D
Initial D (●^o^●)
Tom & Jerry
Pink Panther
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Verstuurd via Tapatalk
Favourite cartoon would definitely be Tom and Jerry~

Followed by Futurama, The Simpsons and Family Guy in no apparent order.

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