what type of music do you listen to?


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Nov 26, 2011
I was actually wondering if anyone here listened to the kills, but I thought I'd expand the topic a bit and see what type of music people like. So let me know! ^.^ You can list genres as well as your fav bands/groups/artists if you want to.

Some of my fav genres include: Grunge, Hip-hop and neo soul. Foo Fighters are one of my fav bands and Nas is my fav rapper.
Uhm I generally like to listen to Hip-Hop and reggae, most of what I listen to is in Japanese language and my favourite Hip-Hop group is probably King Giddra with K-Dub, ZEEBRA and DJ Oasis (reminds me a little of Public Enemy in terms of the lyrics) and if not definately Tojin Battle Royal or Michi (TAO) from Ill-East Records, but one of my favourite duos are BRGK & ZEUS (o´∪`)o
Aaand of course Nujabes, Uyama Hiroto, Specifics

I also listen to a lot of romanticist era classical music but that's a lot more related to studies but I do appreciate the music - I like Smetana's works, especially Ma Vlast (●っゝω・)っ
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Hmm i can listen to most music with a artistic view though circumstances have gotten me slap a dislike label on the currently "popular" singers of america... some more than others :/ I typically like music that is somewhat more calm and quiet though i will listen to others if prompted~ Ive attempted to keep any generalizations for forming so that i can judge every piece of music as its own artwork though i never give perfect or horrible scores except for rare circumstances where i have a very strong urge to do so~

This is the music that drew me from manga into anime~
While I listen to the occasional "normal song" like:
It's usually something I can get a laugh out of or heavy like
Not really the biggest music fan though. Pretty much just leave the T.V. on or listen to nothing.
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Humm, let's see.
My main kind of music is instrumental, a.k.a no vocals included. There's exception, of course, but I still mainly listen to instrumental songs.

Then, country of origin... Japan. Yup, I don't know why or how exactly, but Japanese music always has its own special place in my heart. Cliche, no? But that's how it is for me, and occasionally I listen to non-Japanese music too.

My favorite genre is Rock and Metal, though for the Metal case, I prefer it to be instrumental. I can't stand hearing people screaming their diaphragm out for the hell of it >_<

Second in my list is Techno, Trance, and Electronic.

Third... well, Pop. Who doesn't like Pop? Even if only one or two songs, everybody must love Pop... unless you're GAR enough to ditch Pop >_>"

Aaaaand that concludes my list :D
Vocaloid songs have much meaning in terms of lyrics and music composition.

I find myself drawn to them, but mostly sung by utattemita like Clear and Hana-tan.

In general, I listen to more alternative, punk, or pop rock. Just pop is good too. Classical is best to reminiscence and delve within the mind for me.

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hmm maybe pop vocaloid song? :D

i always interested in pop lol
Because you asked me this question, I will give you a giant list of what I listen to. Mainly because you asked. So, here it is.
  • Dubstep
  • Drum'n'Bass
  • Electro
  • Hardstyle
  • Jumpstyle
  • Club
  • Techno
  • Trance
  • Progressive Trance
  • Dance
  • House
  • Hip-Hop
  • Rap
  • Underground
  • Rock
  • Deathcore
  • Hardcore
  • Heavy Metal
  • Metal
  • Visual Kei
  • Oshare Kei
Well, that is some of the music I listen to. There's many more. And for the examples, here you go.
Oh yeah I strangely forgot Ill Bosstino (Tha Blue Herb)

Definately one of my favourites! o(´∀`o)
Amazing style

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I don't really listen to music, I can't name any artists or genres within Music. Mostly video game music, if that even counts. I have also heard of some classical artists.
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Mostly, I listen to Doujin music by the likes of Yellow Zebra, UNDEAD CORPORATION and IRON ATTACK! I'll listen to game music too, but I still prefer Doujin stuff.
I prefer Techno, mostly Hardstyle, Hardcore, Happy Hardcore (Hardcore UK), J-Core etc. But there are also in every other genre a few songs which I like.
Especially from the game (VN or (LN) camp, I like listening to music.
Music by Ito Kanako and Kalafina...(etc.)


hmm everybody has interesting preferences. I see most people like Japanese/anime music. I guess that’s not surprising seeing as this is an anime forum though….

so many different new artists i can go through!!! once I’ve finished my stuuuuuuupid uni work I’m going through all the posts again. ^.^
I listen to pretty much anything - hip-hop, alternative, techno, etc. Exceptions would be country and anything that sounds too poppy and foriegn (unless it's accoustic; if there's vocals, I usually dislike it because I don't really know what I'm listening to). Despite my love for anime, I HATE J-pop, J-rock, K-pop, and Vocaloid.
hmmm there is no specific genre i like:fulfilled:...i like anything as long as it clicks to my ear:bigeyes:...well i think the most songs i have belongs to j-pop....
My favorite is rock through and through. There nothing like hearing a rock guitar through my bose quiet comfort.

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