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Oct 16, 2010
Hit a tight spot in a game? Just can't get that last ending or the only missing CG?

Don't worry, this thread is here to help - just put in the name of the game and whether you need an English or Japanese walkthrough and people are sure to help you!

Enjoy your juice. ^^
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No one gonna give it a go? Then i shall start first.

I need walkthroughs for these 2 Whirlpool games(jp will be fine):
MagusTale Infinity
speaking of the walthroughs, ironical since i suggested this thread, i am now following this jap dude on his blog.
he posts the routes for newer games he played, yet to check on older games, but its more user friendly then other route sites i have since.
Somebody, please help me get walkthrough for:
1. Kotori Love ExP
2. Chotto Sunao Ni Donburi Kanjou3.
3. Ren'ai Saimin ~Tsun na Kanojo ga dereru Saimin~
Somebody, please help me get walkthrough for:
2. Chotto Sunao Ni Donburi Kanjou3.
3. Ren'ai Saimin ~Tsun na Kanojo ga dereru Saimin~

I'm assuming that you can at least read some
Japanese as the walkthrus are in Japanese.

Chotto Sunao ni Donburi Kanjou

Ren'ai Saimin ~Tsun na Kanojo ga dereru Saimin~
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hi there. new member. this really isn't much of a request but rather a comparison... i've found a walkthrough http://g-seeker.net/game/k/koitate.html for 恋する乙女と守護の楯 Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate and i have here a PSP release of that visual novel, i'm looking to know, is this walktrough useable with the Portable release or is this PC ONLY?

EDIT: i was able to match the text correctly on my PSP with the walk but i wasn't sure if it's...........
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May I know if anyone here has a walkthrough for Suigetsu Portable? I'm trying to get Arisa or Maria's route but so far manage to get almost everyone's except theirs.
does anyone know where to find an walkthrough for ひとづままん! ~孕んだくノ一妻みごろ~ i've even checked places where i usually get get walkthroughs, and tried searching and playing through the game myself.
I can only find Japanese walkthroughs ^^ (I wonder if you still need them ahah.. it have been 3 months)
This one is for ドキドキ母娘レッスン ~教えて♪Hなお勉強~ ---> http://www.foolmaker.net/game/t/dokidoki.html
Even has 100% save data for download

For Suigetsu Portable ---> http://seiya-saiga.com/game/galge/psp/suigetsu.html
A bit confusing (specially so if you can't read katakana) since it looks like certain character's path's cross. (Just for the circles with the numbers.. make sure to save there) Arisa and Maria's ending starts at save 10

For ひとづままん! ~孕んだくノ一妻みごろ~
aaack this is hard.. can't find one X\ What I did find is an upload of the 100% save data. (http://sagaoz.net/savedata/ha/27hi.htm) If you are interested, search for it using " ひとづままん". The list is pretty long. There was a comment about it not having a proper walkthrough too x.x
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