To troll, To be trolled, or a Troll O_O?

To troll, To be trolled, or a Troll O_O?

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After more than 2 weeks of inactivity... I'm still remembered... :surprise::blushing::bigeyes:
ANYWAY, I voted for "A Troll O_O" because... I'm a fan of mythical creatures... and stuff.
And I also noticed that I used a lot of ellipses in there. :XD:
Hi there [MENTION=25939]japespszx[/MENTION] :hi:

And how you all got to demon blood from a tea.. O_o
I prefer to troll /smack'd :punched: :P

May or may not be unrelated:

Seems relative enough.

Telephone still trolls me with random advertising. :goodtea:
deca-chan... you scared me, god :sigh:
that's why i voted in to be trolled, everyone trolls me with this kind of thing T.T
I always love to keep the possibilities opens,
if i was close minded and just give up, i may never would got alot of stuff i wanted in my life :runhappy:

that means that he still have a chance~

watch your back people :lecture:
Hello Ren, nice to meet you~

I guess it is quite boring at the moment. :goodtea:
Mmm, well more people could mean trolling, or getting trolled.

I guess it's worthwhile to observe too and such~ seems right now everybody loves trolling Egozi:3

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