This or That?

It's fun to see the struggle :P and wow, your answers actually impress me lol.

Choco, stay with nutella.

In a situation, would you sacrifice yourself and save others lives or choose to live for taking others lives?
that's the easiest question ever!! sacrifice myself. that's probably my ideal death scenario to be honest. i actually like the idea of giving up my life so someone/others can live out theirs ^.^

live a life of misery so another can live in bliss, or live in bliss at the expense of someone else?
Yeah right? I think she gave that because I gave her easy ones, or maybe she run out of tough ones :lmao:

Simple... Depends on who and what kind of a person it is.

Spend your whole life trapped within four walls with no windows along with the ones closest to you or kill someone? :evillaugh:
Spend your whole life trapped within four walls with no windows along with the ones closest to you or kill someone? :evillaugh:

well if i'm trapped in a room, anyone there with me would be close to me :P

depends. if i can kill someone to get out, then it'd probably happen anyway, due to delirium. if i have one chance to choose, i'd probably choose to kill someone. as long as i get to choose who. if i chose to be trapped, that affects the few people i care about too, and they'd be trapped forever, and quite possibly kill me. so that's a situation where everyone loses

John Cena'd or rick roll'd?
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Rick Roll'd .. I like that song (-_-)

Who's story was better: Kirigaya Kazuto's or Asada Shino's?
voice i guess. if i lost my hearing, i probably wouldn't speak much anyway, so it'd feel a little worse.

Vegeta or Goku?
(binging DBZ right now XD)
Ehm i will go with goku but i haven't really seen Dragon ball so :lmao:

Secretive or open?
Is it like normal blue or like a lighter/darker blue? Well ill take blue, seems like an Avatar :lmao:

Evil or good?
i should be more aggressive, but i'm a passive person by nature (-_-)

south park or family guy?
earthquake, because going based off of zero research, it does less damage :P

i blow up the earth, or you give me 1 trillion dollars?
Blow it up. I will build a new earth from the ashes. Or die, I guess.

C or C++?

(Or if you don't know what that is: Cold days or hot days?)
Cold days. There's a saying from people, I'd rather die in froze than heat. :laughpanda:

Mermaids or sirens?
Mermaids, sirens are even scarier ...
Actually, I would go for neither... but I had to choose. :wasclose:

Ketchup or Mayonnaise? :goodtea:
Ketchup more so than mayonnaise in terms of frequency of encounter.

Turtle or Hare?
Tough one, I would like both... but I'm going to choose the house next to the sea.

Pear or Apple? (-_-)
Head? :reallyconfused:
I guess you wanted to ask Head or Tail right? .. did I win? :lmao:

Giraffe or Kangaroo? :wasclose:
It's more a reference to "head to toe" (or top and bottom). :goodtea:

Giraffe, on a whim. :happywhistle:

July or September?

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