The ^ < V Game

^ absolutely not.. XD
< trying hard not to fall asleep.. =.=
v otaku also? XD
^ new member
< not a real otaku
v juice addict
^ wrong
< oneecon FOREVER.
v imocon
^maybe ~ maybe not :p
< bored and about to start finals
v passing by!?
^ Just woke up when he/she posted this
< I just woke up when I posted this too
V Isn't just woken up when posting this
^wrong~ is more than awake
<too bored and worried about reading for finals
v not too busy!~
^Amazing** Intuition
<Just finished eating
v loitering around the forums
^ just had the thought to eat.. =.=
< munching on biscuits.. XD
V bored?
^ new spammer
< sneezing
v clannad lover
^ not so good.. = =
< fell sick since last week and haven't recovered yet
V feeling awesome?
^ likes squid
< slping soon
v likes a ction
^ true
< pissed off .. net is slow~
v has a great net speed connection ~

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hello, shine could you please update thank you
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Hello.The Rapidgator link does not seem to exist. Is it possible to repair it? Thank you in advance.東京バベル 
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Hello. Can you upload the video from Yuluer of Tingyun? please
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is it possible to re-up version 24.02 update from this ?
this link should have the correct update

sorry for the complicated request