Share Your DA, Pixiv, or Another Web Gallery Here!


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Jul 20, 2012
I see many artist here, so please share your DeviantART, Pixiv, or another Web gallery for us to enjoy and interact other than in AS. :goodtea:

If you share your web gallery here, then more people will come there and you'll be famous!! XD
It didn't matter if you only make AMV, painting, 3D objects, Renders, etc. The important thing is you can spread happiness to everyone by your work. so, without further ado,

First, me:

Pixiv : I didn't really understand how pixiv works, so I can't share it here. Basically I just use pixiv to grab images... -.-a

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hmm why you don't just share your DA? probably it'll useful for other
not really, lol if somebody wants a sig they usually ask me XD


anyways I don't feel like hunting my work down and uploading XD

anyways your work is good.

keep it up
hmm thanks...
then I'll wait other artist to share theirs.
[MENTION=29831]thecoins[/MENTION] I just took a look at your DA it's amazing ^^

makes me kinda wish I was good with pictures :D
ah, thanks.. I'm still learning though.. /me blush randomly
*Points at sig*
I haven't updated in a long time though, which I should because it's about the only thing I do nowadays besides work, eat, sleep. ._.
[MENTION=34958]appleseed719[/MENTION] thanks for your effort! also why you don't go to spam & games section? it's so fun there! :D
[MENTION=29831]thecoins[/MENTION] Well I uh... I have a deviantart account... technically I have two... But those people I don't know, so I don't care what they think, but I have friends here, and I don't want them to see how awful my drawings are...
hmmmmmm how about just linking some rather than all of them for a start? :goodtea:
just share it, maybe they'll give suggestions or critiques, so you can improve your drawings. Also in AS, there are lot of lurker, so there can be a new visitor to your dA.
i think it's set where only friends can see that~
this is all i see


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