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Jan 10, 2012
Ein's userbar gallery

I'll be posting the userbars that I make every now and then here in this thread! XD

All will be free for everyone to use of course. This will be my little contribution to to this community. XD

I might lay-low a little for a while because I'm busy with stuff IRL so I might not add or make a couple of new ones BUT I will still accept requests XD

Accepting requests: YES =) (Kinda busy lately but still accepting your requests if any ;))

PM or VM me the details like, who would you want to appear on the userbar, how it should look like, font styles, etc. We'll make it personalized and truly unique! =)

By the way, please do not comment or reply for your requests here. I want to keep this thread open for discussions and for suggestions/comments. It'd would really help me out for the coming batch/es.

My tutorial can also be found here:

Thanks again and enjoy! =)

"Stop internet censorship" userbars

Anime fan userbars

[2/25/12] Update

[5/6/12] Update

[7/4/12] Update

Notify me if any of the image links gets broken so that I can fix it. =)

P.S. I dunno why the "Spoiler" tags aren't working properly when I use them here so I just used the "Quote" tags instead =_="

P.S.S. For those who are wondering about the thread's title, I'm also known as "Rieve" in the other forums and online games I used to hang out back then. XD

P.S.S.S. This forum limits the maximum number of images allowed per post so I have to post the newly added ones as replies so I just added the link/s that contains those. =_="

Last Update: [5/6/12]
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Updated! Added a few new stuff. Again, suggestions and comments for the next batch are really appreciated (I don't really know which animes are highly appreciated here so I haven't made a lot yet.)

I knew an Angel Beats bigot like you would definitely exist here so it's one of the first that I made specially for this forum. XD
I guess I'll just upload the other old userbars that I made a long time ago. Somebody might like them too
Sure. Which gundam series? There's just too many of them XD

Of course you can. Actually, its a lot more easier to make userbars and other web-interface stuffs like avatars, icons, etc. than quality signatures. I just used my own style in making this userbars since the most common ones found all over the net are kinda "flat" or a little "low quality" if you get what I mean. ;)
If you don't mind, I can give a sample PSD of one of the userbars and just check them yourself haha.
I'll upload the PSD after I also finish uploading the next batch of userbars XD

And now that you mention it, I might consider making a tutorial for these userbars in the future. XD
I'll just notify you once I finish making it.

I've finally finished my very first tutorial! You guys might want to check it out ^^


I'm also still making the next batch again so stay tuned for more userbars!
Is it possible to make me a Super Sonico or a Rokko-chan userbar-thingy for me? Do I have to supply the image? If so, do I inbox you? Thanks in advance.
Is it possible to make me a Super Sonico or a Rokko-chan userbar-thingy for me? Do I have to supply the image? If so, do I inbox you? Thanks in advance.

Sure why not? Yes, it would be better if you can provide a render (PNG format, transparent background) of the image you want me to use but it would also be fine if you can't. Just tell me if you can or can't provide the image so that I can start making it right away.
Wow . I see your information. I was very surprised. I also liked your article
Sorry if it took a while to add more. I've been really busy lately. I will still continue on adding more so no worries.

[5/6/12] Update
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am i just missing it or what? i dont see death note.
The ones I made and posted here were just based on my personal preferences. So like I've said in the first page, just request via replying or VM what you want done XD

is it okay to just use them =)
Of course. I wouldn't start this thread if I was just bragging everything my stuff around XD
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Hello sir, i was wondering if you can teach me some of your Graphical Skills, please.... i really love to learn from you.

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