Oh... yeah event was basically a venti test... if you have both venti and some aoe then everything kinddd of dies... Ganyu helps since she is aoe too, so the two of them shred everything~ Bennett and xiangling are also good additions for their melt and taking care of all the cryo enemies that ganyu has issues with :runhappy:

Good luck xD I decided to roll on ayaka too since her passive is weapon materials and that hasnt appeared yet~
Really bad sign if the answer to everything is "just get Zhongli/Venti, lol", as it makes almost every other character pointless to use. :digoil: Managed to deal with the Hoarder one tonight at level 3, but the shield one was just too frustrating given how tanky the larger slimes are.

I've finished leveling my last character, Xinyan, to 80/90 so I'm slowly upgrading talents now: Ganyu is now 8/6/6, Hu Tao is 8/8/6, and I'm currently pushing Ningguang to 8/9/11. Only limiter is mora atm, since I converted all of my books into gold ones long ago and kept stockpiling the BP ones.
I assume the event was to promote kazuha, except venti is just better at grouping... Yeah, isnt really great... feels like there is nothing else I can improve on either, but also cant get the last start in abyss either :dead:

Oh, youre a ning main? xD I have her like... half built and noticed that she just destroys everything... except geo slimes :XD:
The trifecta currently (as you're well aware) is Ganyu/Venti/Zhongli. Put these three in a team and you're already 3/4 of the way to cheesing everything. I admit Kazuha was somewhat interesting during the trial, but we all know trials aren't accurate, and I still stand by my waifus. :laughpanda:

I practically got Childe during his first run just because I was rolling for Ning's constellations back then. Was so annoyed that I suicided my underleveled Childe while doing co-op with my pals, and didn't really bring him up until much later, sometime around or after Dragonspine. My favorite times were seeing the starburst flying about, exploding with the sound of flak cannons, and hilichurls flying like ragdolls all over the place. Favorite mental image was that of a space opera, with Ning the starship spewing hundreds of micro missiles into dozens of enemy fighters and flying into the debris as the Liyue battle theme plays. Of course, these days I don't use her as much when I've got Hu Tao and Eula for most things (when I'm not using my 4* friendship teams), but she still holds the honor of being the first with all +20 5* artifacts and her signature level 90 Skyward Atlas.

Still spending quite a bit, bringing up Xingqiu to 6/9/11. Today I have to rush to finish up the remaining parts of the archipelago and do the archon quests to unlock Inazuma, then head to Guyun so I can see the islands when the patch loads.
I think the dps trio is Ganyu, Hu Tao, and Xiao... then theres the morgana team of Ganyu, Mona, Venti, Diona which shreds everything~ Wonder if Ayaka and Yoimiya will join the ranks :goodtea:

Ahh xD Yeah, I try to just ignore all banners that I dont really care for because 4 stars will eventually come along while 5 stars will take a year :dead: It is fun to chain normal and charged to send enemies flying :runhappy: Ganyu was the first that I maxed artifacts, weapon, and abilities for~ The inazuma craftable bow looks like itll be better than crescent too~

You didnt finish the islands yet? O.o Inazuma is also popping up around guyun?
I was referring to the most important characters you'd want in your team: Ganyu for cheesing almost everything, Zhongli for shielding vs everything, and Venti for sucking up everything so that the first one can cheese it. If you have these three you can do virtually anything (well, maybe except 36* Abyss), even if they don't bring massive reaction numbers that are possible under Morgana or National Team. Though I suppose Bennett should be there too, heh. :goodtea:

My 4* policy tends to be "if I can get them, I'll add them". Before Yan Fei I pretty much had every one of the 4*s, so I'm looking forward to adding her in Ayaka's banner despite already having C6 Chongyun and Ning. I did edge quite a lot in the past, nabbing Sucrose close to pity, Xinyan during Zhongli's banner, etc. Some Reddit discussion points towards the new bow being not quite as good as Crescent on Ganyu, though some prefer the less conditional powers instead.

I ignored the islands for the most part; today I just finished the homecoming seelie and the mural quests. I've cleared out the first two archon quests (finally letting Dain leave Andrius, and meeting Aether), going to finish Atsuko, Kazuha and the rest before the maintenance tomorrow. As for Inazuma, some say that it's possible that we can see it from Guyun, since that's the southeastern-most section leading to the islands. It'd be fun to see the old unrendered islands, then load after maintenance into the newly rendered ones, something like how Dragonspire was just some 2D images before its update hit.
My friend got mona so we've been running two player morgana :goodtea: Nice simple everything freezes and dies :runhappy: Bennett and xingqiu are probably more valuable than most of the 5 stars just from their utility xD

Yeah... the issue with the new bow seems to be that the numbers are just plain lower than crescent so even if it doesnt require headshots... the base damage of the crescent still sort of makes it on par xx So much for new bow... at least new sword is good...

I have no idea if we would see inazuma xD Seems like... its really far away...~
I logged in back then and actually recorded the differences before and after Inazuma got patched in; it was really a matter of seeing actual isles instead of the flat ones prior. I originally wanted to keep Inazuma pure without any pillaging involved, but the Sakura tree mechanic really made a case for it alongside the need to build up sufficient reputation for Inazuma (I'm still short 10). I've left some scenic chests alone though. Also currently leaving the eternal storms on Yashiori alone because I like the stormy environment and the fact that it makes freeze comps much easier to use (I initially explored with Childe, Razor, Rosaria, and Diona).

The saddest moment for me was trying to record the last parts of Kazari's quest and the finale, only to realize at the end that my damn Windows recording recorded the Stream Raiders game I left on my browser instead. I did take photos but I'm really pissed that the only way to reenact that scene would be to use another server/account and play all the way up to that again. I've ensured that I'll never use her mask for the craftable catalyst though, and responded to Mihoyo's survey about keeping stuff like that as mementos.

I had a stroke of good luck on my pulls when I pulled Diluc on my 50/50 within 10 pulls and only took another 20 to end up with Ayaka and Yan Fei. With the BP and a bit of grinding Ayaka is now 8/6/8, level 80/90, with a cobbled together Blizzard Strayer set, and a level 80/90 Amenoma Kageuchi. Her attack pattern is 4N1CA and it does some good work, but I find it leaves her easily vulnerable to interruption unlike Eula. Hoping to score Sayu at least on Yoimiya's banner (although getting her as well would be groovy), but am focusing on getting Baal and Sara in 2.1.
Ahh, the eternal storm... I was sad when it turned off since no more ganyu perma freeze xD Storm also kind of sucks when enemies are cryo or electro though @_@ The sakura caps at like 20 at the moment so you can leave like... 80 small chests untouched~

Oh? There was a survey about it? I used it, but can see how it would be a good momento... like how cakes leave you a version when you use it~ The catalyst isnt even that great =w= Sucks that you recorded the wrong part D: Maybe you can find someone else's video?

Ahh, I didnt do ayaka's set yet so she just has +0 blizzard pieces xD She also has a borrowed flute at the moment but that was enough to get 36 stars since her shield shred on the herald is ridiculous~ I try to go 1N1C or 2N1C and dash cancel until I'm low on stamina and then shift to 4N1C :runhappy: I want sayu but she will return on other banners, so saving for Baal, Kokomi, and Yae... which is a lot to hope for when I only have enough primos for two 5 star pulls... xx
Sure it does suck, but most of the enemies in Yashiori aren't that frustrating anyway. The real annoyances are the beach area near the conch-collecting guy and the shipwreck at sea to the south of Kannazuka; the former I lost Eula, Ayaka, and Yan Fei tonight due to the frustrating cryo/electro Abyss Mage/Whopperflower combo that basically ensures that you either get shocked or frozen almost constantly (and one guy on Reddit pointed out that this sort of chain thing gets old very fast). The latter I nearly got wiped because the Electro mage's damage was astronomical and the cryo slimes ranged ice shots didn't help. After that beach battle above I got so pissed off that I brought my heavy team of Ning, Noelle, Bennett, and Hu Tao (which I now use for basically everything if Friendship points isn't a concern) to massacre the whole place plus several other camps for good measure.

I delayed answering the recent version survey just before Inazuma came out, so I had the chance to give my input. Yes, someone did say it'd be great if it worked like the cake as well. And no, it won't be the same since it wasn't the same team, nor will it be my Traveler. :deadsad:

Still trying to make the 4N1CA work but man does it suck on Inazuma because the enemies can't be staggered and always do that dumb zip attack. You either try to get a combo in and run the risk of being zipped from across the field, or you go for brute force and just bring Eula to everything and beat them to death instead. Might consider your 1N1CA instead for those fights where it's simply not safe to do the full bout. Ayaka also sometimes refuses to accept my dodge input so she does end up getting hit because instead of diving she just lamely walks in the front of the enemy.

For me, Baal's the top to grab largely because (a) waifu Archon, and (b) Archons have up to now been meta breakers, so I'm looking forward to seeing in what way she will break things.
Ahh... that place... I guess Im lucky since venti is in my travel team and any enemies that dont get blackholed can usually be dealt with solo... Electro abyss mages do a ton of damage yeah xx Not quite sure how im supposed to dodge them yet...

Was there a quest replay somewhere or did that only work for cutscenes? xx

Yeah, there is a slightly awkward gap where she refuses inputs at the end of a dash as well so chaining 1N1C dodge just ends with a couple seconds of awkward standing there as input doesnt go through...

In my opinion, Baal has the strongest c6 in the game if it goes through to live @_@ She will definitely be venti tier and in fact combo with venti super well... Then again, f2p dont need to worry about c6 since itll literally take a year or two of saving to get enough for it :goodtea:
With Ganyu, pretty easy I guess? The Electro mages' AOE is centered on themselves so it only really hurts melee characters in watery areas. Or you could just use Zhongli, I guess.

Quest replay is only for archon quests, story quests, and hangovers; no such thing for sidequests, no matter how small or large. And it's only text + audio.

Think I need better equipment, since she still feels underpowered against enemies that matter. Today I actually came close to losing the Childe fight because Qiqi got taken out by his narwhal and Ayaka just took so much damage even with 19k HP. As Yan Fei was only 60 and Diluc 50, they weren't exactly best vs a level 90 Childe. I tried 1N1CA though I feel that it's harder to execute than Keqing's CA spam, maybe because you need to hold it longer for it to register, perhaps. Not to mention that her ult doesn't stagger enemies enough, so I've had circumstances like mitachurls and the boar king just walking past the ice storm, causing the final bloom to explode harmlessly behind them.

I'm certainly not aiming for C6 of any 5* lol, not even if it's for Hu Tao's C1. Only Jean's C1, and that's the luck of the draw on the standard banner. That considered, how Baal performs at C6 is a dream. :goodtea:
Probably ganyu yeah... is it only around them? That makes it easier to deal with than I thought xD Though its really darn painful if caught...

Ahh... thats meh... no reason to record that...

Childe's whale and leap do so much damage its silly @_@ I feel like it one shots most of my characters if they arent shielded or something... Yeah, you need to hold Ayaka's for 0.35 seconds instead of any other sword user's 0.25 seconds... Dont know why they did that but it kind of bad for her dps... Also agree with the storm... Basically needs a frozen enemy to deal full damage... but when it does... it hits soooo hard xD

Baal has such a strong c6 that it almost feels game breaking xx Too bad itll literally take a year to get enough primos for it...
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I've not seen the lightning anywhere but around them even on those in the Abyss, so yes it's indeed an anti-melee thing. If you've got a burst of cryo like Ayaka into Chongyun they can drop rather quickly.

At level 90 Childe's narwhal does pretty much that to unshielded characters. I usually cheese the fight with ranged and rarely with shields but this time around my friendship team only had melees or untargeted ranged (Ayaka, Yan Fei, Diluc, Qiqi). And no, I'm not plinking away with Diona; the last time I did the fight took forever with her 920-1800 damage shots, though I suppose the time lost running around waiting for the revive foods to get off cooldown was probably just as much.

The storm (and Ayaka herself) paid off in the Abyss when I teamed her with Xingqiu and Chongyun. There was the Fatui round where I practically dumped all my bursts together with Sucrose's Q and everything exploded in a flurry of icy sludge. Ayaka perma-freezing enemies made some fights pretty trivial; the Abyss Herald fight in particular was surprisingly fast on Floor 10 because after targeting him with Q and subsequently freezing him the Herald's life bar went from around 90% to 15% in one go. I even had to move away because continuing to freeze him would've kept him from starting his second phase. It was certainly faster than Bennett vs the Lector, with him doggedly pushing E and Q over and over. Not too bad considering that Ayaka's Blizzard Strayer set was not optimized (+20/+12/+12/+12/+12).

I haven't seen her skill and constellation leaks, so I'll take your word for it. Honestly, by the time you get around to C6 funding you'd probably have half a dozen other waifus who're just as powerful at a lower cost...if not the Sumeru archon next year.
Too bad theres no reliable self cryo to combo into jean ult self swirl xD Guess we just ganyu the abyss mages and call it a day~

Oh, Ive given up on the friendship exp from domains xD Too much of a pain to drag a lower level team through the fight... Ganyu just kind of deletes most of the bosses xD Guess its also possible to ke ep ganyu + trio of low levels...

Yeah, ayaka is like the best against the abyss herald xD I didnt fight the current abyss yet since I usually start during the last few days out of laziness :goodtea: I had her blizzard set +0 aside from +20 cryo goblet since Im only using her for shield break and damage doesnt really matter that much xD

Which is why I probably wont go for cons yeah... useless for f2p to try for it but its a nice dream xD Wonder how dendro is going to be... mihoyo is sure taking their sweet time with the dendro stuff...

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