Mini mg? MG 10~ What came before~

/me shows ralium the rules and locks him up for a while =/

Youtube is social media O.o Well i guess people talk there but... i never join in =w=

Hmm to poke the people on the list or not... xD
*video snip*
( to be honest I don't see the pun... BUT I WILL GO WITH IT!)

It was the second maybe. :P

The second maybe was supposed to be "may be", so in context it referred back to your joining status of "maybe".
It was the second maybe. :P
Wow... You're right, I have no idea how I didn't catch that.
I stare at that now and think "Fingers... You know that's not what we meant to type."
To which they reply "Listen... We're only doing what the brain told us."
This picture explains my shock after that realization... also me having a conversation with my fingers and them talking back didn't help.
I always have ideas for the craziest characters imaginable :P.
But the question is what it should be and what are the limits.

Lol atm every character will get abilities ;p Im keeping the game fairly even... or trying to anyway... =w= Characters will basically be human~ Magic does exist (though Im keeping it weak) so just toss what you want at meh andIill see what I can make of it xD

Guess ill poke the others as well...~ [MENTION=26445]Ralium[/MENTION]; [MENTION=29193]nanashi1[/MENTION]; [MENTION=25661]GenKiDan[/MENTION]; [MENTION=79180]M1ha1ru[/MENTION]; and I guess the others sorta poked in... so ill poke them later =w=
『Well, sent my character details, now to just wait...:korokke_funya:
Ooh~ Just noticed I almost have the 15 players that I was aiming for x3 Though 14 works just as well~
...I'll probably send you my character in 24-48 hours time.

Still getting my papers sent to the school's financial aid and registrar. =_=

Hope that's alright~
Its fine~ Itll probably take a bit to get all the applications in so just poking to see if people even remember this xD Ill probably need a couple days to work out all the oddities of my system anyway =w=
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Thank you, Sam~

I think you should keep all those oddities. The more loop holes, the better. We can exploit them and use them to our advantage./me casually chuckles
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If this was like one of those live online game streams I'd wish to be an observer and just watch everything. That would be interesting.

I'm still pretty sure I'm gonna have to pass though, sry, but it seems you managed to get enough people anyway now~? If so have then have fun.

/me tosses some magic strawberries and spagetti. Maybe you can make something of this ^
But some stuff gets really unbalanced if I leave them xD Trying to make it a fairish game for everyone ;p

Oh I thought you were going to watch as a player.. =w=
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Sneaky Sam trying to rope in Genki to be a player as an observer of other players as renano exploits the plan.

Chaos in the game! Chaos in the game! Chaos in the game! Chaos in the game! Keep the oddities! Make me immortal! Yay!

I even told my partner in class to watch the chaos unfold as we observe the families getting angrier. (not real families. Just setting up a theory and hypothesis in psychology class)

He laughed. xD
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Lol sam so Sneaky indeed. Making me be an observer as a player xD But then I will have to only play being a observer, pretending to observe while actually playing.. Reverse psychology ~?

Psychology class ! I'm so envious. That seems real fun. At least when you get past the initial trivial/bring fundamental stuff, and can start using it. (like karate kid.)
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Of course ;p I counted him in with the 14 so if he runs off then its back to 13 =w= Ahh... /me thinks of other odd little plans...~
Well if you were observing then you would probably have time to make a couple moves along the way ;p

I doubt anyone is really immortal here... xD Some may be more difficult to kill if they go and make themselves a tank... but not immortal..~ Since this is sort of the afterlife... I doubt there is anyone immortal here... xD
Just got a semi difficult request... I wonder how ill get this to work... xD Stuff to balance.....~

To watch angry people go nuts @_@ Sounds sort of fun as long as theyre imaginary..~ I guess its the same appeal as movies..~
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wait if you mean this is the afterlife based on Angel beats then nobody can die :laughpanda: unless you are content with yourself then you shall move on~
Nopes I have a bit of a story for why you can ;p Although i just thought of a more canon idea for it... xD
@ Sam

I give myself perfect EVs/IVs distributed mostly to special attack and speed, magic bounce ability, timid nature, leftovers item, female... I should be a pokemon character. >w<

Yeah, pretty much the same as movies. I recall having a discussion in my last semester about how people 'take out their anger' by watching someone else do it like in a movie.

@ Sova

We shall bring this world into chaos my new Master Sova! Sel is still my master, but for chaos, we must do what we can!

@ Genki

Yep, still stuck in the fundamentals of psychology. I think after a few more weeks, we'll put our teachings to good use. /me casually chuckles

Karate Kid is pretty good. Can't lie that I didn't try a few moves myself. xD

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