Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic

Selvaria Bles

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Jun 7, 2012

information for those who haven't heard of it :p

the manga is good but sort of slacked on it.

now its animated :)

first episode is out :p


discuss this anime here
The manga is epic.... Should start reading it now.....

Sinbad is so badass when he djinn equip.....
i read it before, but I lost interest in it at some point, now its back <_<

I slack of too much XD
Lol.... If you claim morgiana

Then I get Hakuei Ren & Aladdin teachers Yamuraiha
Yep... But they are awesome though.... Like how they fight.... Read the manga and you will know what I'm talking about....
The 1st ep is very different from the manga of how they start it.... But the goofy/funny face is still there...
yeah I read up chapter 20 or so in the manga :p

last year I think it was when I found it :p
I'm up to the latest ch.... It get better & better.... Alibaba is such a comic relief.... Laugh bout him all the time....
yup his seems to be the comic guy

if you had as much backlog as i do you would understand why I am stuck at chapter 20 :p

131 hmm

not to far :p
What.... I got alot.... But it doesn't take long to read it.... Now the game backlog is a different story....
I'm reading 50+ different manga.... Some complete, other still ongoing.....

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