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『Btw, Fear, you posted a wrong story for me there... That was an old one, before I made a few changes... The right one is on Mafia team doc...』
yay they are the old ones only a few i edit, i knew u had ur real one with samyes
『Yes, the long one that is written like a diary on Samye's doc is true one...』
yeah i know, do u want the others to see it? mainly samyes work
Lol just dont show the afterlife doc yet ;p not that its as updated as it could be =w=
those who whole spammed here have been added to this


7 spots lefts :p


your added beku but still need a confirmation from you.
『Dogbeku appears really rarely so I doubt you'll manage to get it from him...』
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Can you send me another copy?I really, really need this file。
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Can I re-seed
I've been looking for this material for months, but it's not seeding.
If you re-seed, I'll sign up for your Repidgator link.
Sincerely, please.
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Could you reup this one?
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