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『Nah, when you are a mad scientist its a must to produce a boom or 2 ^_^』
『Hmmmm... Yeah, kinda blew the whole room, ceiling and the floor. xD What to do, what to do... ^_^』
mimi turned to dust though. burrying him would be kinda pointless. unless you want to trap his body under the ground instead of letting it travel the world in the current of the wind!! :shocked: you monster!!! :objection:
『What are you saying Ruby?! Flight has a gentle personality so you have to choose more gentle words. Flight, I became a star in the night sky! ^_^』
Hmm... well the stars are always there though ;p Just the sun making it so they arent seen~
Day faze 7

As the night goes on, the sun rises later.

Player1: [MENTION=41434]Nazaka[/MENTION] (dead ) 7
Player2: [MENTION=8332]samyeung46[/MENTION]
Player3: [MENTION=40801]infamous[/MENTION]
Player4: [MENTION=13039]MadSova[/MENTION] (dead 8)
Player5: [MENTION=29827]ogikumo[/MENTION]
Player6: [MENTION=39716]choonagi[/MENTION] (dead 5)
Player7: [MENTION=28026]Selvaria Bles[/MENTION] (dead) 1
Player8: [MENTION=38786]Hinode[/MENTION]
Player9: [MENTION=41391]♥ Sky[/MENTION] (dead) 1
Player10: [MENTION=37707]FinalPyre[/MENTION] (dead) 3
Player11: [MENTION=30548]nexus[/MENTION]
Player12: [MENTION=7722]Second_Flight[/MENTION]
Player13: [MENTION=41987]Sintarow[/MENTION]
Player15: [MENTION=25364]Decalcomania[/MENTION] (broken mind)
Player16: [MENTION=46616]InorixShu[/MENTION]
Player17: [MENTION=29831]thecoins[/MENTION] (dead) 1
Player18: [MENTION=23111]Slayn312[/MENTION] (dead) 2
Player19: [MENTION=11639]Somerefresco[/MENTION] (dead 4)
Player20: [MENTION=28672]musangbeku[/MENTION] (dead 6)

also im thinking of ending this game by next week, so please try to do what you can. reason why im getting way to busy with life so sorry for my slackness for this game
the order they died, those with 1 meaning they all died around the same time though ill admit coins should be number 2, with only sky and sb dying around the same time
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