[LPW #65] Ehh~!? Why do I have to?? Okay Fine!!!

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Hello, good morning. Pardon this unknown rolling member. I'm just, y'know, rolling~ :3
Ahh... Well, g'morning at your side, Neo-Exile...:goodtea:~> {And welcome to ASF back otherwise)​
I see...
...Well, g'afternoon at your side, and welcome, SB...:goodtea:~>

And I'm going there to visit a family member :3
Ahh... I see King:goodtea:~>
Neo seems again away to be...>_>
Well I guess you could say that, nanashi1. It's been a while since I last came here... a few months, I think...

Ah, hello there KingArturia :3 umm I think I remember you, but not that well ^^; you're a resident of LPW I presume?

And I'm not really "away" by the way, I'm just indulging myself in an early morning sketching~
Hmm... I see, well then have further a lot fun, Neo...:goodtea:~>
I'm the Official Seiba-con man, I was First Gen with you! :3

Oh goddammit, shame on me... it's you! xD and LOL First Gen... hell yes, I like the sounding of it~
I guess I'm the only First Gen that hasn't improved a lot, huh? :P

Thanks, nanashi :3 and I'm done sketching btw... it took me a lot more time than I'd expected... ~_~
Well, I'm the only First Gen other than Admin who is still around lurking the LPW :3
Tired from work I assume?

well..I'm kinda tired too so I'm off to bed now.


...Nara, o-yasumi, soshite ii yume ga aru kara, ne Unown-kun...:goodtea:~>
『Popcorn-chan, where do you search for fonts when you need new ones for siggies? Good night and mad dreams btw...』
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