[LPW #5] Smile for Anime Sharing!

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@ Terumi - I was thinking of you when the fanservice part shows in Rio. Studio Deen must be approached with care...

@ BC - Akatoki rofl.. so you can read jap. 3 words. BATTLE DAMAGE MOE !
o.0 am i that infamous to you? rio wasnt so appealing except her body~

studio deen... man. like i said, expect the unexpected. well, its on my to-watch list, so most probably i will stick to it.

anyone spiking? i think we reached new record for online members and guests tonight. ^^
lol enjoy shredding girl's clothes during battle. Sooo did you prolong the fights to let the girl's clothes shred more?:P (my friends prolong the battles till they lose).

I found one ppl who play recent releases now xD.
Enjoy Battle Damage Moe as fights till the end get tougher according to friend.
Rio has already been voted the worst anime of the year. :eek:
Well, a few ppls hit dead end, keep losing to boss. Friends who finish it says have to do a few little tricks to win. I just hope you can understand the battle system using translator.

I got a friend who use translator to play also and he can't use the system perfectly so keep losing xD. In the end, others have to guide him a little to complete the game.

@ Coro - quite a lot of ppl (even 2chan) already say it is very bad. Personally, watching episode 1 raw, i can only say it is Xebec anime at it 'best'. I won't be watching it anymore unless something ZOMG happen halfway or some good opinions about it pop out xD.
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Anyone saw the 'quality' animation and faces on starry sky?lol
i will be out of here for today
don't know about tomorrow maybe one hour i will be here or so ~nyu

see ya later guys ^^
Going to shred more clothes :P? Bye~
BattleCat, you should change your nick to HentaiCat or EcchiCat.
play the translated ones for now like G-senjou or use AGTH + TA.

Hello Tenshi~
hi anti~
@kou, didnt even bother to look at that show. year just started~
more shows on the way. and counting to IS in 25 hours +
So what's the topic now?
I don't feel like reading previous pages xd
nothing much.

discussing one of the new 'best' shows, and i am off to watch my videos again ^^

I just came back from Uni after getting my schedule and the list of books to buy.
Just what the hell with the price of those books >_>
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