[LPW #5] Smile for Anime Sharing!

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try to be more active ~nyu ^^;

so hows it going here
anything interesting happened ?
Just the usual stuffs... ppl come and go etc~
so hows it going by ~nyou
playing some of the new VNs i guess ami right ^^
Banning the second spam bot today. Also trying to figure out what a user did wrong with his VN install - no time to play myself.
how can you still post then
or am i talking to a ghost O.O
*calls Ghostbusters*

how can you still post then
or am i talking to a ghost O.O
*calls Ghostbusters*
2 post sounds like a spam bot but his YnS post looks like a real post...

@BC - I switch between forum and VN all the time nyahaha
@Kou: It's a ploy to circumvent the spam protection we have in place. Either way, banned is banned.
@Coro - i see. Grats for 2nd user banned rofl.

@BC - well, i am used to discussing VNs with other VN friends while playing.
cause they aren't realtime
okay even in realtime gameplay you can still make breaks with using the item menu and so
Second one today, I think the total is at four. It will increase soon though.
right before i forget
Happy healthy New year to you too CoCo ^^
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@ coro - good sign that the forum is getting more popular and MORE MONIES !!

@ BC - realtime hmm..... Love death 555 got online system. Imagine playing eroge with your friends online.
Moonstone also implemented twitter into their latest games. Err... tweet your favorite H-scenes to your friends in twitter rofl.
HI King ^^
and a happy healty new year to you too
(are there more coming, caus ei just copy and paste this sentence then XD)

@terumi: sorry my lazy bum got some new games on PS2 and DS ~nyu
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