[LPW #186] Who Tao?

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Nepo os leading Ding in the World Chess Championship, 5 1/2 to 4 1/2
I'm moving to the intermediate level class from the beginner level class next week.
I just read a news article about a train that hit a cow sending it flying 100 feet. Killed an old man who was going to the bathroom on the tracks.
Couldn't have been Snidely Whiplash... he tied girls to train tracks.

I have trouble deciding which clothes to wear, Japanese-style or Western-style.
WOOO!!! I've finally hit 20k posts!

I'm not the top poster, [MENTION=8332]Ghost Kitty~[/MENTION]; has that honor. But I am am #38 on the list!

And who knows, in another 50-60 years, I may catch up!

I wonder what anime will be like in 60 years?

I’m going to train my dog how to use a hammer and bring him to work with me.
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