[LPW # 185] If This Makes Sense...

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Oct 17, 2012
If this makes sense...
You're watching too much Disney!


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1. No multiple posts.
2. Post # 194 will win the LPW.
3. The winner can create a new LPW or pass the honor to another member.

[MENTION=1808]Shine[/MENTION]; The old LPW has finished. Would you kindly close it, and do the sticky details for the LPWs? Thanks!
The moon revolves around the earth and the earth revolves around the sun.
I do 100 sit-ups every morning right after waking up to get rid of my three pack.
This little 3 year old will be running things, someday!

I often fall asleep on the train and have to be woken up by the driver at the last stop.
I think it's safe to say, you don't want these foe neighbors.

Dr. Watson isn’t just Sherlock Holmes’ assistant, he’s his friend till the end.
Super Bowl starts shortly. Chiefs vs Eagles!

Ought to be a good one!

Got drinks, snacks and an air horn.

Of course, the air horn really ticks off the neighbors. :evillaugh:
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