[LPW # 182] The Beatles - Beware Screaming Teenage Girls!

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Oct 17, 2012
That horde of screaming teenage girls looks dangerous!

Congrats again for winning the previous LPW!
Thanks for letting me start this one for you!


The rules:

1. No multiple posts.
2. Post # 192 will win the LPW.
3. The winner can create a new LPW or pass the honor to another member.
4. LPW can only be won 3 consecutive times and the winner of 3 consecutive wins cannot win the next two upcoming LPW. (4th and 5th)
5. In the event that Rule number 4 happens, then the winner will be picked at random. Numbers used will be post from 2 to winning -1 post. (This process will be carried out by a staff)

[MENTION=26]KingArturia[/MENTION]; If you would kindly do the sticky honors, thanks!
It would be rude if you don't attach the formal name ender, sama, to the recipient's name when you send letters in Japan.
I personally think that universities aren't a place to learn, but a place to obtain the qualifications of a "university degree."
Degrees of education:

BS - Well, we know what that is.
MS - More of the same.
PhD - Piled higher and deeper.

I was sick today so I took time off work and watched a movie about a werewolf.
Reminds meh of the kid that got stuck on the monkey bars and couldnt get down xD
My mom told me that the more time and effort you can put into it, the closer you will get to making your wish come true.
While I was working overtime, the wood fell and I narrowly escaped death.
After working overtime I went to an Italian restaurant alone. I felt pretty lonely lol.
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