[LPW # 180] Santa Claus Conquers The Martians!

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My (non-existent) daughter thinks that the movie Titanic would have been better if the ship never sank and everyone went to Disneyland instead.
Buddy of mine thought he got into Oxford, but it turns out the acceptance letter was an April Fool’s joke his parents made.
This skit is wild! The late great Betty White screwing around with a census taker!

I'm thinking of being on my own, if I recover from autonomic dysfunction.
Random music video.

Beautiful vocal harmony!

In a packed train, my hand accidentally touched the butt of the woman next to me and I was so worried I’d be mistaken for a molester.
/me is watching a good case on People's Court. :)
Since the plug was disconnected, Mr. Robot was no longer able to say, "thank you," anymore.
Lions lead the Packers 14-7 in the second quarter. Let's see how it goes.


Lions beat the Packers 37-30!!!


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ahh yes, just punch a hole into problems... thats totally the answer... onward with animu :godotea:
Leggy not only has fans in early elementary school, but also elderly fans over 100 years old.
If you drive about an hour and a half northwest from Portland, you will arrive at a city called Seaside.
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