[LPW #170] The Lumberjack LPW!

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Saw the doctor again today. Turns out I have pneumonia. :deadsad:
I so hate those types of people who promise you something. Then suddenly break that promise and never tell you when to expect to get what was promised to you.
Random music video.

Still ill. Here's a doctor song.

Feeling a bit better, but still short of breath.

Pneumonia is no fun. :(
Random music video.

This heartful Stones song always reminds me of a girl I loved and lost.

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Hello, I was wondering if you can reupload or reseed 戦極姫3~天下を切り裂く光と影~ 遊戯強化版-壱ノ巻?
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Btw Otokonoko, do you have the latest version of this game? It was long overdue for an update.
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