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Thanks alot for taking all the time to write this down! I personally learned alot and I have the feeling (and hope :S) that I am not the only one with that.

Reading your description already made me some kind of jealous how well everything is working in Japan. Apperantly we are also surviving without it, but having such value of manners or trains which are on time would be still nice...:rolleyes:

Its sad, although not really surprising me, that also on the other side of the world some people still dont seem to get over the now almost 70 years old story (yes, ist was horrible, but the people who are blamed now have nothing to do with it anymore...) It was propably a really wise thing to adopt such a "It Can't be Helped" policy, unlike here where every referece to it directly get a big discussion in the media.
Yo there Uninstall,

Though I've known some of this facts, your post seem to have strengthened the points of fact a lot. Sometime in the past I wonder why watching anime, especially slice of lifes, can be an exhilarating experience. Then at a point I kinda snapped out of it and thought, "No way! This stuff can't be happening in our good 'ol lame real life, can it?!" Then a good friend of mine promptly offered me to 'see the real Japan'.

The workaholics, the cause of such number of suicide cases, earthquakes... and there's still poverty. Damn, I thought the poverty rates over at Japan was low... >_<"

That thing about Yakuza, train groping, and *coughhauntedcough* hospitals are pretty new to me though. Especially about the Yakuza... man, I didn't know they have a network that extends to the corners of the globe...
For most people, the idea of living in Japan. Or even visiting it is something that's beyond their reach, it's just hopeful thinking.
Finally, after reading the whole 21 pages today, I must say that your info is quite infotaining. It full of info and entertaining at the same time.
BTW, I vote 1st before I read your articles.

So far, I haven't got any really good reason(anime, girls and airsoft) for me to live in Japan, permanately.
But I wouldn't mind stay there for a certain amount of time. A friend of mine currently staying in Hiroshima because his wife is taking a degree or master(I don't know, I didn't ask), and his 2 daughters start schooling at a public school there. So far he having no difficulty living there, but then again I don't know how the area he's living really like. Could it be that he living in an area where many foreigners stay or not?

I'm sure many of you would consider yourself Otaku. Let's say you absolutely love watching Anime, you know absolutely everything about the U.S. Marines...
*Gulp!* You're not talking about me, aren't ya?:surprised:

I believe you won't run away~ :goodtea: You need a very good 'push' to do so~
Well my parents probably wont arrange a marriage so i probably wont need to~ :goodtea: But if they ever do... depend if theres someone else i had liked already... would probably be enough of a push~
If it was 10-15 years ago, my grandma used to make a hint that she might set me up with one of her distance relative's daughter/grand daughter/niece/grand niece.
But now, she just, "Meh!".:goodtea:

Hmm i dont know kungfu xD
Don't know Karate either haha (○・▽・○)
*Download both programmes into your mind.*
Now you both knew.:evillaugh: ROUND ONE....FIGHT!
Hahaha to be honest with you I was thinking about you when I wrote that sentence, but of course I'm also referring to some other people I know who are into that sort of stuff as well (○・▽・○)

Anyways hey thanks for reading it all, glad you could take something out of it in a rather entertaining manner (o´'∀'`o)
And yeah, Hiroshima University is definately one of the favourable universities for foreigners in Japan, there are quite a lot of courses in English I believe, and quite renown for the astrophysical facilities and of course the radiation research institute.

To be honest although I can't say from own experience, Hiroshima seems like a freaking awesome place to live. I mean sure, it's not much different than other parts of Japan in terms of difficulties with living as a foreigner used to living elsewhere.. But I have visited Hiroshima many times, absolutely beautiful city, the community feels pretty close, if you know what I mean. There's always a very special atmosphere being at a place with such historical influence.. Hard to believe Hiroshima wasn't a lot more but rubble less than a century ago.. It's the sort of atmosphere you feel in such places.. Rotterdam.. Berlin... et cetera..
Man I wish to write a lot more but I have to go continue with some work (*´・д・)
Maybe I'll catch up with everyone tonight..
I still want to write about what I know about getting a scholarship in Japan.. being granted visa, etc., I don't want to keep Saint waiting anymore!
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Download... gahh i cant find the dumb thing about pikachu choking on the hm to learn iron tail...
TL;DR VERSION - 10 Reasons why Japan isn't Fantasy Land

Hi all (*´・∀・`)
OK, so chances are, you got redirected by Orisa, for the reason that you believe Japan is some fantasy land based on your favourite fictional entertainment flick/game/comic.. whatsovever..
So in this post I'll try to clear up those misconceptions only using pictures/video, and short sentences. Please not that in no way am I attacking Japan, or saying that I dislike Japan sooo bad, I just want to have you wake up and remember this is reality. In fact even as I'm about to come up with 10 bad things about Japan, I can come up with 100 good things about living in Japan, 100 times easier. Anyways, let's start...



If you think living in Japan is a walk in the park, trust me - it's not.
If you're going to a Japanese school.. Work for a Japanese company.. whatsoever.. a lot is going to be expected of you.


Until the mid 19th century, Japan isn't used to foreigners. In fact, before that they had a policy that didn't allow foreigners enter, or leave Japan alive. Japan is rather new to foreigners - and don't understand your cultures as much, which may lead to misunderstandings.
Another thing I want to point out, is that foreigners have bad reputation in Japan. Many foreigners are being compelte dicks and don't know how to respect their host country, and they come pretty often, and represent all the good foreigners.
Honestly, get the fuck out if you don't even know how to behave at home. Please, you're ruining it for the others.
Suicide in Japan isn't as taboo as in some other countries mainly because of culture. Suicide isn't really looked down upon throughout Japanese history and especially in religion, unlike in others, suicide is basically okay. However what I want to point out is that most of these suicides come from joblessness or social/peer pressure. As i've said before, a lot is expected of a Japanese. Some can't take the responsibilities anymore.

Don't want to go far into this to avoid trouble.
She's discussing children being forced to suffer, and dirty old demons in parliamant don't take it seriously, especially that disgusting Osamu Fujiwara as a Chief Department Secretary. Of course this is only an example of those nasty old men, when it comes to money they're all big talk.



Believe it or not, these guys are the real deal. They play a huge role in the Japanese economy and politics.

Although their bikes are freaking awesome, Biker gangs in Japan literally translate to "Violent vehicle tribes". Although crime rates are relatively low in Japan, these guys pop in and out of the news headlines for commiting some nasty crimes. Another part of crime is that the police are pretty much useless when it comes to criminal investigations. Many peopel rely on the Yakuza instead to deal with criminals.


In terms of gender equality, Japan is pretty much a looooong way back in time compared to some other countries. Females are just treated incredibly differently than males. To many Japanese women, this is just normal, but I am very sure that to many foreign women, they will feel offended. Females (especially girls and young ladies) are just depicted in a very disgusting way in maiinstream media. Another example of this is jobs, the chances are slim that a lady can have a job after having a child, and even before that the chances of having a good status in their jobs are not as large as for males.

These fascist nationalists are centuries back in terms of logic and thinking, but they exist. Chances are 99% that they want you out of their "Nippon". Chances are also quite high you will be yelled at as a foreigner.

Assuming you're going to be a foreigner, living in Japan is going to be a tough experience no matter what, you will find yourself having to change yourself in order to enjoy living in Japan.

(Pleae click CC)
There's a lot Japanese professionals and government aren't telling you, and then there's bureaucracy. Everything is so orderly that it can start to hurt people. I am running out of time writing this, so if you have any questions pleace, leave a post.

Anyways that's that. I'll get back to the normal stuff when I have more time, and I feel bad for Saint for making him wait.. I'll definately get to that once I've got more time!! Anyway, please leave any questions, comments or hate!! Thanks for reading, and I hope you understand that fantasy is not reality! Once again I don't mean to offend anyone. If I did, please blame my mind and not my heart.. Peace (●・ω・)ノ
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You've written a sincere and honest post without much hindrance...

Thank you for this... truly enlightening and a 'slap to the face' I presume...

Each person... different thinking... different causes... different outcomes...

Difficult to change aspects or move forward...
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Thanks renren.. Appreciate the feedback.. <(^∀^*)ゞ

And to everyone also excuse me for the vulgar language, I tend to do that a lot, and it's a bad habit..
Though to be honest haha I may have two "personalities" or speaking manners.. One when I talk to adults and ladies, and the other when I talk to everyone else (;ω;`m)
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Sometimes certain language is necessary to convey how one feels...

Whether it's 'vulgar' or 'modest'... these kind of issues you're addressing are difficult to hold back one's emotions...

Therefore, it's understandable for you to type that way...

Addressing people with different terms and manners is quite common... especially for elderly, business people, politicians, teachers, parents, etc.
Yeah I kind of agree.. Though to be honest sometimes I think it's more important as well to try to express your opinion in a not-so-rude manner.. I think I pretty much suck at that, my sig in another forum (-公-;) ..


But yup, addressing to other people in different manners I think is really important.. Youngsters who don't know how to talk to the adults properly kind of tick me off (≡.≡;)
Your initial meaning was conveyed and felt...

No such thing as 'perfection'...

Attempting and correcting mistakes are always appreciated...

So it's quite all right if you use some 'vulgar' words or pictures... because you recognize them as things to be 'corrected' or 'not used too often'...

Thus, making you a good person who's just trying to 'enlighten' people with your article despite the 'vulgarity'...

If they weren't taught or displayed the proper ways to address people... then there's not much to be blamed...

Sitting correctly and using utensils are also important...

Still... when the time comes, those 'youngsters' will eventually learn those manners for certain situations.
Thanks again renren.. (人´v`)

Also here's a part of the "politics section" video.. in English substitles
I can't confirm how legit the accusations were, I've done some research on the internet but some stuff is too hard for me to understand.. So if someone has some information, please let me know, thank you

Anyways.. I'm going to finish off my final papers for T.O.K... Almost done..!
Then I'll get back to you guys and work on some lyrics translations if you guys in this forum are interested as well.. This video should give you the idea of what the lyrics are about..
His flow and live performance could do some work but in terms of energy, spirit and lyrics this guy is a great MC.. I think he is rather avoided in "mainstream" Hip-Hop in Japan beacuse the tracks of his underground publisher ILL EAST RECORDS have MCs that discuss topics in their music that the Japanese would generally avoid..

..And also thinking about bringing up some Japanese Reggae lyrics in English as well
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An example of sorts would be nice in terms of translations...

Music is a superb medium to understand, 'feel', or 'see' through the artist's eyes and hearts about Japan...

You may do so when you feel like it and have the time~

I'm sure people will appreciate your effort for all you have done so far~
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Always learning something new... :D

But wouldnt you say that some of the problems are rather common problems?
I mean many countries which have good income levels get migration and there usually are also some [insert any swearword you want here] coming into the country. They then usually annoy everyone for whatever reasons.
Thanks to them the nationalist (or thats at leat how they call themselves) groups form then. They then usually make the conflict bigger and bigger the more they get in conflict with their counterparts.
And also about politics: I usually get the impression that many people think that their politicians are completely incompetent. (Although that also have good sides :D It is saving my country from stupid EU data retention) But I dont want to make this a politics talk :S

Not that I criticise your points (I think they are very important), but just wanted to check if I am the only one thinking so.
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Hi IwantPedobearToo, thanks for reading it, I'm glad you took something out of it!

Yes, I agree that you find such common problems any many countries, but I just wanted to clear up some perspective's that Japan isn't like any other country with such problems, believing it's a "fantasy land", based on their favourite drama/anime/game whatever. Which surprisingly I see a lot (^∀^`o)

Oh yeah, by the way, sorry this is offtopic, but finished romanizing and translating a track's lyrics into two langauges with a friend
[MENTION=10646]unownHGSS[/MENTION] (mentioned because translation is in Dutch ヽ(○・▽・○)ノ) [MENTION=18465]renano[/MENTION] too
Lyrics are kind of wack but it translates nicely
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But isnt it still better when people have got a wrong idea of a country in a positive sense than when they have it in a negative sense. Of course also the first is annoying.
This wrong idea of Japan is it that you only see it in Europe or also in the pacific area?
But about the atmosphere you were talking about on the last page: In what way is it special? Please excuse the stupid question, but I didnt get this atmosphere whenever I was in Berlin (sadly was never in the other two places you named) but maybe i am just a to superficial person :/

I hope I dont hold you away fom you TOK with my questions :S
Haha no it's fine, I recently finished and am about to dive into bed! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Yes, I agree with you that it may be better, but sometimes it gets really absurdly unrealistic, I really never ever ever use the word "ignorant" because I don't really like the meaning of it, but at a certain point it can get ignorant, people forget that it's reality - and heck, I'm sure you can find people on the internet who seem mad excited going to Japan, but end up completely hating the place. And as Orisa said earlier in this thread that some can get really defensive about it and start attacking you when shaking them up. I'm not so sure how to put it but I hope some will get my point (`・ω´・)

Oh, and about historically significant places, I think it may just be me, I don't know (´∀`)
Are these people (was think about using certain other words) making up a big part of tourism in Japan or do they just stick out so much? But isnt it better when they atleast face the reality when the come supposed to start building their own isolation bubble together? (of course its still ultra annoying...)
In some way I can understand the people you pointed out in 8 when everyone has to contiously crush ignorant visitor´s anime illusion, not saying that I support them, I just know to little to judge it.
Hi IwantPedobearToo, sorry I can't properly answer your question now as I've been delaying my sleep and I've got to wake up early "tomorrow" m(_ _;)m but I quickly wanted to point out that the Uyoku Dantai don't completely dislike foreigners because of the way the "bad" foreigners represent the others, but I believe mainly for a political reason and/or some other rediculous thing that happened centuries ago..

But yeah I think what I meant before is that if mainly people that grow up (I believe most people that have attacked me over the net when telling them Japan ≠ Anime have not reached adulthood yet, like me) to believe that living in Japan is a walk in the park, and end up living there in the future, will hate the place more than usual , which I believe is unneccessary, if you catch what Imean (^v^)

Verstuurd via Tapatalk
Hmm seems the amount of maybes just keeps growing xD
Like pedo said most of this stuff could also be reflected in other countries to some degree... which just proves that japan isnt fantasy land and has problems like every other place...
Especially since the ones who did it are seen by the most as the "good" guys, but lets better not get into this discussion which never ends well :S

The anime illusion will propably never stop completely. If you dont bother looking it up yourself you dont really learn much about Japan here, or at least its how it seems to me. But I still find it surprisng how there is such a significant number of people who lack common sense... It should not be that hard to figure out that Japan is not just a three diamensional version of their favourite anime/manga. But lets hope that some of the read this here.

[MENTION=8332]samyeung46[/MENTION] Usually the problems are the same, just some different aspekt. There they are Uyoku Dantai and stupid tourists, here they are NPD/ProNRW and salafi in most other countries its something similar.
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Yup, though it doesn't have to be tourists. In fact I believe most are expats or even those looking for a citizenship Σ(゚Д゚)

Verstuurd via Tapatalk
Who knows but I doubt it, because you can find some nasty foreigners pretty much everywhere. Here in The Netherlands a small proportion of the Morrocans are making the rest look bad

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