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Oct 18, 2010
Hi everyone, I'm Back!! (I'm Always Here Anyway ><)
So, as the title said, This thread will be talking about katakana (方仮名)

Katakana is almost the same as Hiragana..
They are both the Basic In Japanese..
Why There is 2 kind of it while it has the same use?
Well.. It doesn't exactly have the same use..

Mostly, Katakana is meant to use for pronouncing English Translated word, and Hiragana is for Original Japanese..
Lets see an example..
服(ふく) (fuku)
シャツ (Shirt)

Here, it bring the same meaning (shirt), but in 2 different form..
One is Japanese, and another is English display in Japanese..
So in this case, Katagana is used..

Anyway, lets first see the Table..


In the chatting section,
さてさて皆さん。Gdragonxが望んだとおり、この せくシオンを開いた。
ここではなんでも話せる。 日本語を使ってください。

しかし!ルールは他の せくシオンと同じ。スパム やフレミングなどを してはいけない。
そして、間違いがあれば、 どうぞ添削してください。
後、漢字ではなくロマジ がほしかったら、遠慮さずに 言ってください。
このせくシオンがあるのは 勉強するためなんだから。

ではでは一所懸命 話しましょう!今日の天気は いいよね~

Ignis used katagana of:
"Rule" (ルール)
"Section" (セクション)
"Spam" (スパム)
"Framing" (フレーミング)
"Romaji" (ローマジ)

On the other side,
Sometimes, Katakana can be use at special situation..
When it is one's habit while talking..

さようなら (Sayounara) has been talked as サヨナラ (Sayonara)

This shall be the end =]
You're welcome to ask any question at the Q&A Section..

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Hi I'm Japanese.

This title's Katakana is correct but main text's Katagana is not correct.

片仮名(カタカナ) is Katakana.

平仮名 is Hiragana but 片仮名 is katakana.

仮名 is same character but to read is different.


×"Section" (セクシオン) → (セクション)

"tion" almost uses "ション"

situation = シチュエーション
generation = ジェネレーション
application = アプリケーション

But "stion" uses "チョン"
question = クエスチョン


×"Framing" (フレミング) → フレーミング
×"Romaji" (ロマジ) → ローマ字

frame = フレーム

Roma = ローマ
ji = 字(じ)
ji(字) = moji(文字) = character style

Enjoy for your learning!

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やっぱり本物には勝てないな ≧≦
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私の英語も下手ですよ、他の スタッフに聞けば解るよ ww
添削したと思ったのに やっぱタイトルしか 忘れたみたいw
こら竜ちゃん、 もっと念入りに なりなさいよもうー
なぬ?! 正式授業を受けなかった私と比べたら、 Ignis や ONC や Zero の方がうえじゃないか…  なんで私が先生にならなきゃいけないのよ… Orz…
まあ、これもModeratorの勤めかもな XD
Can I ask any tips on how to differentiate シ(shi) and ツ(tsu) because in some books the handwriting looks almost the same.
the only way to memorize that for me is to look the strokes: if it's steep/vertical, it is tsu, on the other hand, shi is more horizontal.

Also look at the character before and after it, for example, it should be パンツ, not パンシ right? :07baa27a:
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Ok Thanks for the tip especially the last one I would remember that, now next would be to memorize some kanji.
katakana is the most important script, you have to take in consideration while learning japanese language. Here are useful infromation about katakana.

katakana characters are made for modifying the kanji character. Katakana and hiragana character are slightely different. They are different in thair stroke. Hiragana character
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