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The world just got a little dimmer, but we'll move on and grow regardless. :donefor:
Since I watched Ringu, I can't get the image of Sadako coming out of that old well out of my head.
My section manager is kind of annoying. He is always trying to impress the other workers.
In Japanese there is a proverb, "It is important for us to be compassionate toward each other as we travel through this world."

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[Request] [RJ01110786]【巨根裏垢Keyくん。】マスクの下が見たい?じゃあ……ここにDMして

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Hi, RJ323169 RJ328721 RJ342268 links are dead, could you please reupload these?
I made my signature over 8 years ago...Please don't judge it too harshly.
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sorry but can you upload again [121130] [STUDIO邪恋] 操心術∞(メビウス) because the links are down