Oct 16, 2010
I fall for Kyoko >.<


And everyone else must be "Yuu!" I guess
Something is suspicious about Kyoko. I am in the Euu bandwagon.
Girls clad in armour are always interesting, so-

Kyoko is boring, all the others are fine - why choose? :P
Eyes still burning frm that pic >_>.
yea that masou shounen dakimura pic....

@ Terumi - I don't want to burn your eyes.
yo wuzzup guys... i'm new here... so please be gentle to me... :P

+ 1 for ayumu... and of course.. Yuu...


This show seriously can shift from jokes to seriousness in a split moment. All started with Sera's debut dish, which looked more like a corroding sludge. It could melt through a metal wok! Imagine how to drink it? Yet, if Sera offered it to me, i shall drink with no regrets! >.<

Doberman. LOL -> how can he drink like that? Though it was quite the shocker to see him die minutes after debuting only.

Yet it was the second half of the episode that was the real highlight. With Ayumu having a heart to heart questioning with Yuu about who she really is. My heart felt so wrecked when i saw her cry and her reasons why she is being herself. Thank god Ayumu saved us with not wussing and making Yuu smile again. *salutes*

Then the fight with the whale megalo, and the return of masou shounen. I shall go no further, but i really loved Sera's involvement in the fight.

As the cliff hanger, Kyoko's dead. X_X

Haruna = Hideyoshi (Baka to Test). I can't unsee now after somebody pointed it out.

That Dyson Fan..........
lol~ i see the similarities. but, its quite clearly haruna's a girl.
proud to say i didnt fall into hideyoshi trap back then when i first watched baka test =
< Himeji camp.

Buuuuuut Hideyoshi is not a girl, Hideyoshi is hideyoshi. It is a gender itself wwwwwww.
Besides, Hideyoshi's sister looked pretty much the same anyway. :P
Best quote this week: "Hurry! Put it in your mouth before the bowl melts!".
R.I.P. Check's girl.
@ Check - There is still a small chance since you have necromancer and zombies here :P.
Watch the latest episode to find out - it's already uploaded. ^^
nyan nyna ...

nyahahahahaha..... 4th episode is very good.......but..from where that "thing" appeared (- - ?)
nooo my Kyoko >.< Anyway, she would turn into a zombie, so the protagonist could stay with her forever, yay! That works anyway.

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