Hyperdimension neptunia V News/Updates/ Discussion Thread

Selvaria Bles

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Jun 7, 2012
well its your local hn fanboy and I am back again to bring you good news...

The latest installment in the Series V for Victory(note v doesn't really stand for victory)
is out this week in Japan. those lucky enough to speak the japanese can order it from this website:


two versions available a normal edition and Collectors edition. Since its an import product its priced quite high.

there currently is no news of the game being produced to be launched to the north america or europe, so we can only pray and hope it comes here.

this thread is only for news updates/ character introductions, gameplay footage and discussion.

spoiler maybe posted so look at your own discretion.

japanese website link:


Anime Discussion thread:


to discuss the anime

Neptunia fanclub: Feel free to join


basically you introduce who you are and why you like the game and whatnot. Plus you can also claim your characters from the game there. If you want to sig or avy of your character, I will be happy to make one for you..


go team neptunia go

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So, do you already buy Neptune V? Any news to share :desire:
It's really a though choice for me, cuz I want to buy Project Diva F :donow:

That's really great signature. I remember what she's say when do that skill
"Up, Up, Down, Down..... Whatever" :D
:shopping:I will be so definitely import it. if I'm fluent in japanese language.

:surprised:Whoa that price is ridiculous.

:deadsad:Guess I'll wait for the English ver. then.

Anyway I heard that they add more costume templates for the goddess, so are we gonna share costumes design that we make for this game if it come out in the US/EU here.
yeah sure we can share costume designs :D

that's awesome idea :p

[MENTION=10496]Kuki[/MENTION] nope I can't understand japanese :D

on a side note I unlocked nep nep :D
[MENTION=28026]Selvaria Bles[/MENTION] That's really fast :D
fast Xd

I thought i was really slow XD

that CFW brave fight was a pain

so was that cpu breaker fight before it....

cpw judge was easy......
I like CFW Magic :bliss: But she's really hard to deal with :wasclose:

Btw, this is the Henshin Scene that I mention about. If not permitted just tell me to delete it :D

Just ignore the music :p
ooh I have to watch those later on at home XD :p

also cfw magic is a pain, just fought once before you get nep nep :D
Right, I forgot about that :D

Hm.... But somehow I really do like her.... What is this feeling :donow:

maybe in V

you can play as that rat

the Rat and if/compa interactions just crack me up XD
What! Playable Pirachu! I don't want to think about it :neardead:
I like CFW Magic :bliss: But she's really hard to deal with :wasclose:

Btw, this is the Henshin Scene that I mention about. If not permitted just tell me to delete it :D

Just ignore the music :p

That is an awesome transformation scene.
[MENTION=23111]Slayn312[/MENTION] Thank you, it's from the first series ^_^

[MENTION=28026]Selvaria Bles[/MENTION] Maybe because I had enough with rat on my real live :D
This game is really running gag. That's why I like it :D

Do you already get Inafune Sword? :D

I made the embarrassed nepgear take it :D

also for goodness XD

damn nepgear's most used word...

"ah crap its nepgear"

"Oh my goodness" Yeah, she's often say that :D

Then again, she's really contrast with her sister ^_^
You can say sister complex ^_^

Same like Blanc and Noire :D
for sure I get both of best worlds XD

does have sister who is an oracle
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[MENTION=28026]Selvaria Bles[/MENTION] Thanks for the info didn't know that mostly watching youtube vid., didn't start the game yet need to beat this other game 1st before I start it.
just start with mk2 :p



V is next

or you can start with original so you won't be disappointed

[MENTION=10496]Kuki[/MENTION] and [MENTION=23111]Slayn312[/MENTION] have ether of you guys played the record of agarest series?
Agarest Senki (Record of Agarest War)

Yes, I have play it. It's strategy simulation game :D

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