Hi guys :D

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Hi :) I started two day Since i have registered and I didn't really introduce my self. I'm 15 and love playing games! I also love talking to people and make music. If you peoples wanna play Xbox or Skype ::)! Pm me! And sorry about bad English I'm on my phone ><
Welcome and enjoy your stay~

It is a pleasure to meet you and hope you find AS to your liking.

There are others who use Skype. I'm sure you'll get along with them.

Phone or not... your English is fine. No worries~

Please have a cookie~

Welcome to Anime Sharing, nexus~!
Enjoy your stay and have fun.

Ah, I'll add you on Xbox later.
welcome & nice to meet you :hi:
enjoy your stay with us :goodtea:
P.S: you must visit spam section
XD you guys are all so friendly ! Thank you every body and I'll be sure to go to the spam section :)!
Welcome to AS nexus :3

Hmm saw you in the spams already so no need to drag you over ;p

Your english seems fine regardless xD
Hello and welcome To Anime Share^^
Welcome in to the otaku world of AS., Le.....oh, sorry, nexus!

Have lot fun with everybody and discovery here your options.
welcome to AS i hope you enjoy it just like me that because all guys her are sooooooooo friendly you 'll make a lot of friends ..............
hope you enjoy it
hellos nexus...welcome to AS forum..sorry if it's late man:wasclose:

congrats for the LPW man:dthumbup: you got a great potential..
I never saw this thread before O_o


you don't need a congratulations for joining here anymore, after 600 post kinda of defeats the purpose XD

anyways keep on perving XD

hi nexus whats up??

welcome to AS

nice to meet you~

have fun and enjoy this forum~
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