Hey people! A new guy has arrived!

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May 6, 2014
Helllo! :)
I'm Diamonit, a french guy passionated by japanese entertainment : Manga, Anime, Light Novels, Visual Novels and Eroge!
I've been reading manga for some years now and started watching anime some months ago!
I'd like to help spreading Visual Novel love throughout the occident, because I feel that it's a wonderful genre (with awesome stories) that is really neglected unfortunately.

I'm a french math student, and my goal in life is... to get a blackboard in my own home! (it's every mathematician's dream!)
I'm also a musician, I play guitar (not very well though) and enjoy singing.
Else, I'm also working on a community-made VN project as a writer and co-leader (you can get the details in my signature).

That's all for my introduction! I hope we'll get along!
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Welcome there new guy! I just know certain people in here will find your VN project very fascinating.

Both music and maths are interesting as well. I'd like to play the piano myself when and if I get the chance. Think I might like piano and synth, or maybe thats just because thats whats happen to play right now.

Take care, and enjoy your stay. I associate France with artistic inclinations btw...

As for me, I also like Colors, and Music, and Architecture among other things. Even though I'm not involved with any of those things. I find them fascinating.
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Hey there [MENTION=88534]Diamonit[/MENTION]; and welcome to ASF :cheering:

Stop by the spam and games sections sometime.
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Welcome in your new "home": Have a lot fun with us and with the stuff what you fun make, okay Diamonit^^?
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Welcome to AS Diamonit~

Come by the spam and games if you find time~

Hmm... vn project... i should get to work on that other one... xD
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