Being OCD About Sorting Music


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Apr 5, 2012
Hi all,

I just wanted to discuss organising music.. Do you do it so that your music is perfectly organised in your folders/library? I'm incredibly OCD about sorting my music and whatever is not sorted irritates me like mad. I don't personally know anyone that does it!

How do you sort your music?
Do you edit your tags using Mediamonkey? Your music player?
Sort by album? Sort by artist? Sort by album artist? Sort by genre?

Share, show off your library :cometry:
Hmm i just shove them into folders of what anime the music came from and maybe subfolders of album
Interesting, sorting by Anime, never thought of that, really but I mostly don't listen to sound tracks so I don't really have a reason doing that

I prefer sorting it by Album.. Also I can't stand not having any album art as well..
I like to sort by artist. It's way easier for me to look for the song I want to listen to.

And about the album art, I cannot sleep whenever it comes to album art. I will go through the depths of Hell just to get the album art I desire.
Hahaha I get the feeling about the album art, man - it pisses me off so much when I'm trying to look up album art of good resolution of some underground album that 100 people on the planet have ever heard of...
Those are really frustrating to find. I usually find 240x240px pictures which bugs me a lot.
I usually sort 'em by folder, using WinAmp.


BTW, what's OCD?
OCD: An acronym of the word 'Obsessive-compulsive disorder'. It means that whoever has OCD will keep repeating a certain task until it is perfect to that specific person. Such as MapleStory, my friend kept on making characters until he got the exact character he wanted.
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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a disorder that makes you obsessed about perfecting something or constantly checking if something is right because of uncertainty (I suppose that's the simplest manner of defining it)

I know it's kind of inappropriate to joke about but I suppose many people on the Web use the term OCD when it comes to organising music, even if they don't actually suffer from the disorder. I know a friend who suffers from this and it's pretty damn bad sometimes - he absolutely has to start his first step when walking with his right foot, or he feels incredibly bad about it and sometimes gets angry at himself - it can also be cause for suicide - so I try to be cautious when throwing around the phrase OCD but I don't mean it at an offensive manner, or a poking fun matter at all. Just try to remember that the actual OCD is far worse..

EDIT: Nevermind, Decalcomania finished before me hehehe
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I tend to restart songs in rhythm games whenever I don't press the button perfectly. I sometimes even destroy an object just for the sake of not having the word 'Perfect!' pop out when I press the button.
Wish I was good at rythm games, I play Osu! every once in a while ( but I completely suck at it... Seen some gameplay videos on YouTube on people completely destroying the damn game with ridiculous skills, just amazing

Anyways, back on topic, I mainly use iTunes for playing my music mainly because yes I do use the iTunes store and Cover Flow ( ´∀`)


I... let my music scatter everywhere on every section on my hard drive. One could be right on the directory of D, the other might be nested 5 folders in or beyond.

...There's even some on drive C, in case you're interested. In the Program Files, even. Yeah I live a scatterbrained life, but at least I DO know my way around my own stuff =3=
In my case i sort music by artist, anime, game or doujin group.... but right now i am in crisis, have much music spread around and it is driving me crazy, i am working on it btw.

Here some music still in .rar :

Here uncompressed music :

Music in complete disorder :

I usually play music and watch some videos on winamp :

wanna clean up my library too? retag, upgrade everything to flac and find album art ktnx.

fb2k. sort by album folder structure. everything uncompressed like a boss.
OH MY GOD ( ̄□ ̄;) Let me help you clean up hahahaha
Seriously how do you find your tracks? Σ(▼□▼メ)

Nah, I'm content with the way it is now tyvm :) I simply memorize each of their location. Of course, sometimes I do forget where I put a track and end up searching "*.mp3" like mad. Still, remembering works pretty fine for me. At least, it works better than having one huge clot of music in a folder. I can't stand long lists >_>"
YES I am very OCD too it, but then agian I am maybe very OCD about a lot of things...Maybe I have it :redface: I strongly suspect I do, too many signs about my self that I know of. When I was a very small kid, I liked to do certain things 3 times, even though 1 is enough...and when I went over pedestrian fields in the street ofc I only walked on the white....I only did that as a very very small kid and I've consciencely recognized some of my tendencies and defeated them ages ago so I don't have "it" anymore you could say, even though maybe I do.
I know at least I've been a perfectionist in certain aspects all my life

I just sort everything in folders and subfolder, by genre by default or some other kind of system that follows my own logic or emotion.
Most of my music is 720p videos ^^
So my library looks like this:

I basically have some music for all kinds of different moods.
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[MENTION=25661]GenKiDan[/MENTION] - Thats really neat; big up!

As for me there's this free release by this MC but the fact that there is no art for it makes me go nuts hehehe
[MENTION=25661]GenKiDan[/MENTION] - Thats really neat; big up!

As for me there's this free release by this MC but the fact that there is no art for it makes me go nuts hehehe

Regarding not finding stuff, the thing that annoys me is hearing something fantastic, and then just not even being able to find out who made it or where it came from, makes it doomed forever as unsorted, and uncomplete.
I know right, except in this case I know where it came from, it's just that there is no album art lol

Though it's so sick, it's such a shame it can't look nice in my library

[MENTION=25619]vittusk[/MENTION] nice collection, really neat - big up!
I'm currently also busy sorting out my stuff, what I have so far:


Then I sort by album, all I have to do now is to get rid of the numbers, good bye balls! 。゚(*´□`)゚。



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I sort my music through itunes after trying a bunch of other ways. I don't let itunes sort it for me, because lots of times there will be several artists in the same album.

Anyway, sometimes the metadata in my music files won't match itunes. Over time, I'll edit that data through itunes. I add the track numbers, album artwork, fix broken names, etc. On my hard ex-hd, I mostly have them by album. However, I'll keep things in several folders if possible. (final fantasy, air, clannad, touhou, tamusic, torrent folder, etc.) This helps me remember the find music depending on where it came from. Also, I use the rating system to help me know what to do with songs on my ipod. I'll then later change it in itunes.
1= delete (but keep in music folder)
2= fix or idea (remix song, track skips, missing info, etc.)
3+ is just how well I like it.

Sometimes I'll just leave it blank.
Also, I might tell you, the more folders you have within a folder, the more strain it puts on a hard drive. Even though theoretically it can go very high depending on the format, it's a good idea to not have too many folders listed, and not too many stored.

One good thing is that when I add music into itunes, it skips the flac. Flac can't play on my ipod, so i don't need 2 entries of the same thing. Also, it would kill my battery faster anyway :D
I sort it like this:

After downloading the music into the folder "Downloads", I edit the individual songs (genre, date, album artist, title etc.) with Foobar2000 while listening to them. I delete it at once if I don't like a song. After editing them, I move them into my "music folders" and on my external hard drive.

3 main folder (genre): "Techno", "Metal", "various"

In each of them subfolders called "A-Z" (for everything, with exception of "Albums") and "Albums"

The albums are named "Artist - Album" and the individual files are named "Artist - Title". Everything sorted by editing date :)

And yeah, it doesn't look like much if you look at the main music folder, but "Techno" includes over 150 GB (that's nearly 70 % of my whole music collection). And about 30 % in the folder "Techno" is J-Techno :D
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I use foobar2000 to move files, it's file name format is partially scriptable.
Music are grouped by first instruments vs songs, then grouped by composers.
There are only a few genres which I care to add: music for workout, acoustic guitar, orchestral, folk songs - stuff I listen to most

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