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Oct 16, 2010
Dear Community Members,

It's been some time since my last announcement, and I wanted to share some important updates with you all.

Many of you have been eagerly awaiting news about ASFv2 since 2016, and I understand that there hasn't been a major update since then. I'd like to address this for those who are still interested: ASFv2 is indeed on its way.

Over the past three years, I've been aware of the spam, emails, and other issues that have affected our forum. However, due to limited resources, I had to make a decision: either spend my time fixing an outdated platform or invest everything into something better. So, let me introduce you to ASF v2, the legend, the myth, the backstory:

In 2016, as platforms like Facebook, Reddit, and Discord gained popularity, I began to consider what made them superior to traditional forums. Although I'm not much of a social network person, I've used these platforms, loved them, hated them, and learned what makes them popular. This inspired me to redefine the role of forums in the World Wide "Weebs" and improve upon them. Since 2019, I've been tirelessly designing and testing several iterations to create a true community experience. ASF v2 is the culmination of those efforts and more.

While I cannot share any screenshots at this time, I can provide a glimpse of some features that will be available, both on the front-end and back-end:

The Good:

  • ASF v2 will be responsive, supporting desktops, laptops, tablets, and modern phones. Dark Mode will be a standard feature.
  • The GUI for ASF v2 is cleaner and more minimalist, but it will come with a set of tools that allow you, the community, to decorate it and showcase your inner "weebs."
  • ASF v2 will support apps for both iOS and Android, with push messaging for instant communication within your favorite topics and with the people you love. These features will also be available on PCs with modern web browsers that support Push Messaging.
  • ASF v2 will include popular features from social networking platforms, such as reactions, follows, profile customization, and more.
  • The enhancements to the back-end will lead to quicker loading times, an improved spam filter to eliminate unwanted spam, superior notifications (featuring push messaging), the ability to install apps, instantaneous communication, and heightened security.

The Bad:

  • Unfortunately, Groups (the mini communities) will be discontinued. Managing them requires resources, and it hasn't been a widely used feature. Therefore, I've made the difficult decision to let it go.
  • Achievements will undergo an overhaul, but I'm uncertain if they will be available right from the start. Additionally, a new feature called Awards will be introduced, and I'll provide more details when the time comes.
  • Some outdated elements or errors, like the Hide BBcode that many people have been using, may be removed or modified. While the Hide BBcode itself will remain, it has become so advanced that the old BBcode will no longer work. I may be able to update it to integrate with v2 at a basic level.
That's all for now, folks. See you around!
And BTW: it will come sooner than you think.

Edit 2023-06-09: The plan is currently scheduled for July, as long as there are no complications during testing leading up to that date. Despite several efforts to mitigate downtime, it is estimated that it will last for 24 to 48 hours, unless unforeseen problems arise. If you want to capture screenshots or create memories of ASF v1.2, do so immediately.
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Thanks for the update! Looking forward to ASFv2!
Thank you for your time, money and hard work to bring ASF to us. We all here owe you everything.

- Thank you -

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