Are you afraid of dying?

Yes, i often watch many traffic accidents' videos, including people's various and terrible dying ways, some people are dying painfully, some people die instantly, so any lives are very weak.

When I walk across the street or drive my car, i am looking around carefully, thanks to these lesson videos.
I'm not actually afraid to die but more HOW I die. At high speeds maybe because I won't see it coming. I just hate the aftermath, we've all seen what it does to people. A funeral doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. I want to see if I can get somebody to make my funeral a more festive occasion, something to make them smile and laugh. That way it keeps the mourning to a minimum(or try to). They'll still be sad but I'll make sure they have a good time doing it.
Take it easy, death is also a part of our life, a life cannot be completed without it.
2 years ago I used to have mini panic attacks when I thought about death. It kinda sucked. Now I am determined to live as long as possible and I kinda forget about the fact that I will die. I'll probably accept it later on in life.
mm yeah the concept doesnt bother me, neither me nor the people around me dying really sparks fear or worry. Of course i'd hate to die slowly and painfully but the idea of a quick death doesnt bother me
I'm not afraid of death as long as its not by fire O.o

But as stated before i dont wanna leave behind a family who is not ready to see me go.

I actually would be devastated if i somehow got the ability to never die, living and living, meeting people and losing them, and eventually the human race and even earth for that matter will be gone (when the sun decides it wants to blow up in a few billion years). so then im just a bored ass eternal lifeform floating around outer space.....

i know... i think weird thoughts xD
Being an eternal lifeform has its advantages... You'd be like the guy from Ben Ten, you spend millions of years in solitude, you go insane, get bored of being insane and work out the laws of time travel, then you can travel back to before earth went kaboom and chill with the ppl who would've died and when they die you go back and do it again.
Death is the only thing you know for sure that'll happen to you. So no, I don't fear dying or death.
In my line of work I sometimes deal with actions that will end someone's life or prevent it.

I do fear, living unfinished business behind or sad people.
But as stated before i don't wanna leave behind a family who is not ready to see me go.
If they're really love you, they'll definitely wouldn't ever be ready to see you go, mate. ;)
Only toward people that we don't like or hate, then we always have that thought of seeing the last of them
Well I mean that i wouldnt wanna leave em young when they really need a father the most ya know xP
Not afraid to die here.
But if a earthquake, heart attack or something appears in some moment I expect this happens while I'm sleeping :/

"Death is the best invention of life"... Steve Jobs
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Truthfully I am somewhat afraid of death. All those anime left unwatched D: oh the horror I would never find out how it ends who falls in love what plot twists might happen. I dont feel like dying anytime soon though i might accept it later in life. I have a quite very apathetic personality or so certain friends keep telling me and i dont feel too strongly about death. I do hope I finally get together my faith and sort out my feelings somewhat.
I've posted before, that I do afraid of death, not because of Death itself, but what would happen next - in the after life, coz I haven't make peace with God properly yet.
But when I'm going to die, I just hope it would be permanent. I hate the idea of getting buried alive. That's why I'm planning to donate my organs when I'm dead. That would make sure that I'm really dead.
I will be afraid if my death is being a bother to others,
but if I died without leaving a burden to others I have nothing to be afraid~

this life is a short walk to the death, Living it to the fullest please ^^
i not afraid of dying but i have so much more stuff i want to do and places i want to go and also i want to do something to make people remember me when im gone
If world will remember me, it's ok. But, on the other hand if I did nothing to make everyone remember my name, then I afraid, and now I did not do anything to become someone like that, so I do for now. Lastingness is so important for me, I don't want to visit the world, I want to change it!
I honestly don't see the point. A fear of death is just the same as a fear of change.....and both amount to the root cause of all human insecurity. Get used to it people....change happens....and you WILL die.
What is before borning is what is after dying, so I'll go for afraiding.
I'd say how I die is more of a concern than whether I fear death at all. I'd rather not have a gruesome experience just before checking out...
I don't mind dying actually..It's just a matter of time when you actually die. It would be actually fun or great if you die for a good cause, like die while saving someone..etc (for me that is)
I'm not actually worried about me dying, just worried that if I die, no one will be there to look after my imouto :o
I'm not actually worried about me dying, just worried that if I die, no one will be there to look after my imouto :o
Sign her over to Checkmate. I'm sure he'll be delighted. :P

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