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  • Note to self: In my 2011 posts... Wow... Embarrassing as hell... I've reflected my inspiration from A Clockwork Orange movie that people asked me to chill :D
    Hmm i just post whenever i feel like it xD
    Ehh tf2 is quite laggy on my laptop... can barely play a proper game before it starts to get hot xD
    Gmod? Hmm havent heard of it?
    Ego... hmm idk xD I probably wouldnt do much even if i had a DA account...
    Well night or not ill just respond when i find time~
    Hmm idk? I just post normally (to me) and somehow it adds up to 185 a day average xD I havent really watched anime for a bit cuz im trying to finish the SAO ln so i can do some little project to thank a friend~ Also sort of playing tf2 for other purposes~ Bug? Hmm not really? Lol basically everything i posted is... not quite finished but somewhat rushed at the last moment due to school deadlines xD Being a sloth is so much easier =w= And nopes no DA account... too lazy to make one xD
    Sry for taking a while to make that thread with my art but my laptop isnt in the best condition atm :x I have pictures of some work from the classes but cant upload them due to the problems... Ill try and see if i can fix anything tmr but if i cant itll probably be another week before i get to try (finals and stuff)...

    *Wipes blood* I mean... very very beautiful...

    Thank you for the pic. Hope your day was well~
    Eh no worries~ Im just being too lazy to get up and dig up the stuff xD
    I guess ill go make the thread in the graphics showcase section when i do make it :3
    Kinda late... but ill try and get photos within the week or so~ (was planning to photograph anyway xD) and yeah the limit is really small :x
    Nekomimi... and hugging... XD You got me!

    I was just in a hugging mood~

    Before I was in a nekomimi mood...

    Have a nekomimi!

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