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  • Oh I see. Thats unusal :o. You live here for work/school? (pardon me if its none of my busniess ^^)
    Hi DiSa-sama. I was wondering are you really form the netherlands o.o? (Want als dat zo is dan is dat echt cool :P)
    Sorry was away. If it's still down maybe it's better to wait to avoid the torrents from getting stolen. However, if the rip has been added to the bots, then you must post the threads and blog post asap.
    oh.... cool!
    so , i won't be flattering to much since you have a bf
    And he may get mad....
    Well, maybe I'll see you there sometime, and I already added you.....
    Do you speak spanish?
    Aaaaah....Tessu (metido)
    And I was trying to be cute about it....well...
    And yes you're not a little girl (sorry if that bothered you)
    oh i was going to say that. no you don't look 40.

    all that meat and he drooling all the time lol
    JCKBZA is 30!

    I started watching yesterday, like at 10pm. I ended up eating rice crackers...
    oh... you're just little girl
    Of course you had fun, you're 24!!!
    Well, I just hope to get to know you better
    So don´t be a stranger from now on
    Anything you want to ask me I'm right here, ok?....:P
    Sorry! I didn't know....
    How many? (if I may ask)

    And I hope you had fun!!:D
    Thank you for adding me :P
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