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Oct 17, 2010
Konnichiwa! ^^
The music division of Anime-Sharing is going to recruit some people to help us rip and distribute music. :)

The current staff roster for Anime-Sharing Lossless is:
Leader: Zero2DS
Active Members: Checkmate, Coolio, Ignis, Lavo, strayer, DiSa, Kureko, N3k0, Ekureiru, Cirno, Toss, Shinnmoso
Reserved Members: firev1, Gdragonx
MIA: Hennoji, Sengoku Nadeko
Retired: Cocona

Since we don't have enough members to accomplish all the OST ripping we have set before us, we are looking for fresh blood...
We only require a simple offering of time and bandwidth, or to be precise:
  1. The willingness to spend time on ripping music.
  2. Currently we have enough staff, but we wouldn't mind more experienced and dedicated people.
  3. Have a decent internet connection. A full album can range anywhere from 300MB to 1GB, so uploading at 50kB/s will take 2 or 6 hours, respectively. For this reason you really should have a stable upstream of at least 50kB/s (or 400kb/s, if you want the number in bits) and the possibility to leave your PC running during that. You can test your upload speed here.
  4. Japanese skills are a bonus, but not required.

Now a quick Q&A in case you don't know who we are and what exactly we are doing:
Q: What kind of music do you rip?
A: Most eroge OSTs are never ripped, so this is our main focus. We also do anime OSTs and normal music, but that is mostly on a case to case basis. Basically if it comes out of Japan you can do it, but most tasks/priority will be for/on visual novels.​
Q: So far you only did FLAC releases, is that all you're doing?
A: In the beginning ASL only released FLAC, keeping Checkmate's a certain person's preferences in mind. Now that we are going to address a larger public we will include VBR MP3 files; mostly V0.​
Q: What about CBR 320kbps?
A: Please read up on the differences between VBR and CBR, as well as those between FLAC and MP3 - you will come to understand that CBR releases are pretty much never a good idea. If you don't want to spend time researching just take our word on it, we know what we are doing.​

If you are interested in helping out please contact Zero2DS via VM, PM, the Staff Application forum, or in our IRC channel ( #[email protected] ). We are looking forward to work together with you to bring more quality releases to the community!

*EHM* new policy regarding ASL's Recruitment:
- Successful Applicants will then enter a trial period. (It's one month give or take, if you did well you will become a member before you know it!)
- In this trial period, you will be required to rip at least 3 jobs/Month.
- ASL members are also required to communicate through our IRC staff channel regularly
- Any member absent from IRC staff channel for 30 days without giving us notice will be kicked out.
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what does rip mean ._.; sorry for newbie quesiton

It means to copy music from a cd to a computer or any other device for which you have the option to rip. "Ripping" is the process of copying music from CDs to a computer's hard drive. Generally, this process involves more than simply copying, as music CDs use an uncompressed audio format, whereas most computer users prefer compressed formats such as MP3 and WMA. For this reason, ripping is performed using a dedicated media program rather than the operating system's standard copy function. The word is used to refer to all forms of media. Despite the name, neither the media nor the data is damaged after extraction.

Alternatively you could always do this to find out.
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my download is 1.55mb/s.. upload is 0.43mb/s.. my ping 77ms.. u guys think i can join this.. im newbie soo.. what u guys think..?
we are quite aware of your eagerness if you please can you VM me your result?
its not all about upload speed, at least if you can be patient and leave the upload on until its finished...
after that you can found either me(Zero2DS), Firev1, or GdragonX on the irc to start the tutorial...
go to the link and test your internet speed in there.... the result can be fetch after you do the test by clicking share the result<<< or a button that sounds like that...
VM is a visitor message... you can access them by clicking my name and press view profile

Anyway.... We are getting quite enough member and thinking that its time to close the thread...
We will still be accepting applicants till 6 april.... thank you for those who have sent the application to me...
If you havent got any reply please wait a bit I'm too much occupied with work at the moment...
look interesting but I'm a new here can I join this group ? :3
check your pm box mashiro and sorry for a bit late reply :)
Hello Everyone. i checked all "comments" and the main post. And it looks pretty interesting. But i don't think if i get this. ( sorry ) there are some Websites ... from where we ( you ) take the albums... and then upload here? or "every member " have their own resources !?
For example : if i join this group. i upload soundtracks/ albums/etc from my "own collection" ( if i can name it like that)

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depending on the circumstances
Usually we have our own source but sometimes a member took the hard way and goes to buy the disc and then rip it with ASL on it.
since we allow it that way. as long as the song is related to anime and Visual novel (galge/eroge)
And just to make it clear: we do not simply retag/reupload things. All music is ripped from EACs, which is also why all of our releases use the exact same settings and format. ;)
In case it's not clear, once you're an official member of ASL you will eventually gain access to a special section, where you will see a list of Music stuff that needed to be ripped. Of course, you can rip your own, provided that it is suitable to our mainstream (aka it SOUNDs good, and yes, girl's moaning sound very good). In case what you ripped is somehow out of our tune, we may have to deny it. This is however up to the ASL executives to decide.

You will then, pick anything you like, then proceed to rip it, tag it according to our rules, and then, reupload it to our repository.

A Senior ASL Member will check your rip, and if everything is ok, he/she will then upload it to the master distro server and notify you, so that you can make: a DDL thread (DDL link will be provided for your convenience), a blog post (in our official blog), and make/post the torrent.

Please note that: you don't need to upload it to the DDL, a senior member will do it for you. You don't need to seed it either, it will be automatically seeded via our main server as soon as you post the torrent up to the designated areas.
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I wanted to join your Ripping team too ^^ But my speeds are kinda slow :P
They are fast at the beginning of the month(I have 5 gb fast downloads after that it goes really slow) ^^
I have worked at JPz Records as a contributor and QCer and Also run a Hentai Blog as well as an Anime one ^^
You can check em out here ^^
http://ron-everythinghentaidotblogspotdotcom/ [Used dots cos I think I may not be allowed to post a H Link Here:P]
Sending my speed test results right now would not portray my actual speeds cos I've finished my 5 GB limit for this month
I could do so after the 10th of next month though :P
I would like to help you guys in whatever way I can ^^
So what do you think I should do?
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It would be best if you use a PM (Private Message) or a VM (Visitor Message) to Zero2DS so he'll know instantly. Nevertheles I'll tell him later. :D
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ok uploaded the trial member thing... its Promise ~Tsukiyo no Kioku~ c/w Kiss Me Tonight OP ED of Marginal Skip IIRC
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I could maybe help on the sharing part... :o
but not so much on the ripping itself cuz Sweden doesn't really have any store´s where you can buy anime/eroge music collections.. you have to order from other countries..
but i could browse after it at different sites.. upload and the other stuff.
At least that would contribute right?
Hey, well im new to THIS website but i saw this thread and thought I might help, my upload speed on common days reaches 1mb/s while my download is around 6.10mb/s, i love visual novels/eroges and the music/ost, I can leave my machine on pretty much all day and night, so if I can be of any help i would be glad ^^'
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