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May 9, 2012
I see there is a thread on here for Catgirls, but sadly there is nothing on here for any other kind. That is the purpose for THIS great thread hopefully.

Foxgirls, Cowgirls, Bunnygirls, all of them. They all deserve a place where they can all come together. (No pun intended)


Boobs so big, they can cause massive destruction.

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Actually [MENTION=26791]nightpanther[/MENTION] we do have threads for bunnies, cats, kitsunes and mouse girls.

But then again... this forum cannot have enough kitsunes =3

Edit: We still need a thread for dog and cow girls though.

Chen, Ran, and Yukari all enjoying some family fun together.


Damn I love this girl.

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They are a truly beautiful thing.


Think about THIS, the next time you go to the store.


She looks GOOD in that bunny outfit.


One of my FAVORITE artists for a reason...

I can't remember why.

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...'in heat AGAIN?!'" :rolleyes:

" What is this HARD problem, you guys needed help with? "

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