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  • <収録曲>
    『Pray's Color -Link-』(vo.KOTOKO)/『Pray's Color -Lost-』(vo.KOTOKO)
    『Summer Sunshine』(vo.nao)/『ひかり』(vo.霜月はるか)


    I'm afraid it's a preorder bonus only and we have limited time to order. Let's discuss this with Checkmate later when you're on.
    i had read the rules.i want to post in download section.please help me.thanks
    Yeah, been just shaky with managing time I guess. Sure go buy it. We have plenty of points so don't worry.
    Hey, no need to mark every single eroge OST as high priority. Just the popular ones or the ones you like (remember that senior member decision overrides everything ;)).
    From Baka-Tsuki? Or you buy locally? :)
    I love SAO, thank goodness anime confirmed~
    Thanks! I finally went and got those pictures, so now I feel like i have to go redraw them or something. Rawr! ^(';...;')^
    (Ping 12ms) (download 4.92Mbps) (1.17Mbps Upload) TEll me if a Can help! ☼D
    Don't forget to check that Hoshikaka CD. And good luck on your finals~
    So it was Tony Taka... That explains why it looked so familiar to me. (>'.')> By any chance, do you remember where you got them from? I've looked at and a bit of, but I haven't found those particular pictures yet. =/
    Hello, I just happened upon this forum while looking for the ending of Kamisama no Memo-chou, and I was intrigued by your avatar and your signature. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the character pictures from?
    You online? If you're not busy can you please come to IRC, I left you a note there
    The files you requested are here: D:\Users\Ignis\Profile\Downloads\Compressed

    GWAVE 2008 1st Experience.part2.rar
    GWAVE 2008 2nd Experience.part1.rar
    GWAVE 2008 2nd Experience.part2.rar
    GWAVE 2008 2nd Experience.part3.rar
    Splendid answer, commander! Very well, I'll grab them little by little and eventually post them. Will put them on a low priority though since they're old stuff after all.

    And sure, I'll give you your peace time with your lolis as you need, but just don't overdo it (´・ω・`)
    Hey, I decided not to post the job for all the minori stuff after all - I don't think you guys will be free enough soon to rip items with low importance (and they measure up to around 3.7GB in total). If you do want to rip them though, let me know.
    Hey Zero2DS, I am interested in joining your group. I have no knowledge of ripping music though. I hope you can consider me. Thanks a lot.
    Hello Zero2DS~. I'm interested in joining ASL, but I don't have much knowledge in ripping music. Could you teach me how to do all the steps ^^. I'm willing to work for ASL, just as I'm working for ASS ^^. You already know me on IRC, in case you want to talk in there.
    Well suit yourself then lol. Anyway I left two notes for the romanisation on chal
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