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  • Hmm.yea been trying stuff but I can't seem to work something out >_>
    Like I said in the VM below v, The characters are cut off from the sides.
    I can't use those..not in my 'skill-book' yet..
    Ah..I see.
    I'll try to work something out.
    I won't wanna sound kinda nitpicky but..I need a 'full' character to work with.
    Those 2 images have 'cut-off' sides. It would look strange if I would put the image in a sig since sigs dimensions are bigger. I need at least one 'complete' side.
    Hope I made sense >_>
    Thanks ^^

    Btw, I've been trying stuff out for your sig but I just can't seem to make something D:
    I have no inspiration/experience when it comes to only using heads.. I'm so sorry.. :deadsad:
    Maybe Selvaria Bles can help you in this case..?

    Sure, I 'll try something out for you ^^
    It'll take a little while though because there are 2 people before you I need to make a sig for..
    Not sure how long it's gonna take since I don't have time every day :(
    If you woulnd't want to wait that long, you can ask Selvaria too.

    But I'll try to get it done as quickly as possible
    hello man:3...thanks for the request^^

    so...already have new sig bro?
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