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  • Yea I like too. Getting more hyped for the sequels x3

    Cool, looking forward to the pics :3
    Yea. But she is in the sequels though. At least, I think so.

    Strict as JB may seem, she wouldn't say no to Yuuji x3

    Not sure if I like it actually =/ There's one particular Kaori I want. I'm not gonna spoil but I sure you'll know what I mean after you finish the anime~

    As for the VN, it's pretty meh. I guess you could play it if you've got nothing to do. Nothing serious and pretty random. I really like the white haired heroine though, Putina :3

    Haha that scene, I lolled too x3

    Oh and you were right abou the new DLC for DOA! :3

    I'm getting Ayana and Marie Rose for sure. God I love the colors and the blue makes Marie Roseadorable <3 Pretty sure I'm getting Kasumi too. Oh and I forgot Honoka, she reminds me of the butterfly figures I have. Must get her as well <3
    No prob~

    I have no idea yet. I'll decide when the games actually release x3
    But yes, JB deserves the D and of course the Yuri scene as well as Kiara *_*
    Makina animal impression was awesome XD
    Cool, lemme know your thoughts on Sachi's route.

    I thought you would like it. I have yet to find someone who didn't actually. It's amazing in every way. I downloaded the anime's OST album. Eargasm <3
    Oh, looking forward to the pics :fulfilled:

    19 hours!? good god >_> Good luck man o.o

    Yea her route was pretty intense except for the ending indeed. Oh well. It was fun. One of her H-scenes was hilarious too XD
    Lions were driving for a game tying TD, and then the center hiked the ball wayyyyyy over Matt Stafford. :chuuni_bwaaah:
    She IS cute :3
    Actually, all of them looks cute as Chibi ~

    Haha me too and I've been waiting for quite a while already... :deadsad:
    Yea Amane's great. Prime example of wife material. But then again, so is my Sachi <3

    Good to hear. I expect everything to go ok this time. I hope your post office doesn't screw up like last time >_>
    That's neat ^^ Pretty cool store. We don't have that over here... :deadsad:

    Makina's route has quite a few funny moments as well x3

    I was impressed about Amane's route and it did have a bittersweet ending indeed but no tears or anything close to it. I cried a at Sachi's route though.. ;-;

    Hm..she looks pretty. I like the empty pocky boxes lying around.
    Whoa man, you really are good at finding good prices on figures :3

    I know right.. Oh well, opinions differ for a reason :fulfilled:
    unown said amane's route was the best. i never played yumiko's or amane's to be honest :/
    Good choice, you would be regretting is if you didn't get it now :3

    Well..seeing other Vns on steam, I'm sure they'll remove the H-scenes.. But who knows..they might surprise us.

    I haven't used it yet. I'll use in the new year. I don't wanna damage it during the holidays and all x3
    As long as you like the figure then it's fine ^^ I just stated my opinion on it. Colors and all do looks nice though, same goes for the Totori figure ^^

    I've seen that CG, gooodness I wanna see that scene as well :nosebleed:
    yes im finee..... how about you ??? have your figure prob solved ?? i stalking and see you got problem in shipping....

    pokemon super for nowww...... its kinda hard playing it... ahaha... how about you ???
    HALOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooo...................................................... T-ELOSSTTTTTTTTTTTTT
    How long has he been sick?I'm very sorry to hear that :(! Is he okay?
    Personally, I'd go for the Kuroneko figure. The Atelier figures are ncie but I like Totori more :3

    Amane's route will soon change. Be prepared for one hell of a story~

    OH RIGHT, I totally forgot about that kickstarter project. I think it'll be without H-scenes to be honest/ But I hope I'm wrong =[

    Also, my phone's contract ended and I could pick a new phone. Just got my new White Pearl Galaxy S6 :lovestruck:
    Ahw man ;-; Sorry for your loss, take care bro. It's better this way, I wouldn't be able to bear seeing it in pain..

    There are 2 sequels: Grisaia no Meikyuu and Grisaia no Rakuen. No news regarding their translation status though =[
    Not sure if it's her secretary, might just be her co-worker or something. But she looked great in the anime and I've seen some CGs of her in the sequels :lovestruck:
    NekoNyaaa~! x3

    Unfortunately she doesn't have a route in any of the Grisaia VNs. I do really like JB's secretary (?) Kiara (the tan girl with glasses) and luckily she does have a route of some sorts so I can't wait till the sequels are translated. Oh and Yuuji gets to have some fun with JB in the sequels too :nosebleed: x3
    Anyway here's the link to Yumiko's special: Pyon~!
    EDIT: Use Player 2, the player 1 video doesn't work.
    Yea, like I said the routes are good. But I just find the split personality thing a bit odd but that's just me.
    I told you it's long but great still =) I assume you finished Michiru's route. Who's route are you going to do next? ^^
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