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  • Hi there, Ranley. It sure has been a while~

    Yeah, I happen to know about that image quite well. The girl's name is Chitose Sana; she's from Tenshin Ranman - a VN produced by Yuzusoft for PC and the PSP (that particular image is from the PSP version). She's illustrated by Kobuichi and Muririn.
    hello there.. its me again. sorry if my message seems annoy you or stealing of your time.

    been busy... need to earn money for satisfy my personal wants. i guess equivalent exchange and price to pay is a reality ~ ...

    currently download anime stuffs to watch while doing soundtripping and still thinking of what to do while online ~. i m not in the mood for playing games recently ~ ..

    that's it for now.. thanks again for your time

    jaa~ . ..
    hello there. its me. again...

    vacation here, school year is taking a break. nothing much to do here aside on getting online and downloading stuffs. waiting . .. killing of time..

    i m running out of ideas to share. ~. jaa~ thanks for your time .... ~
    Thanks for dropping by... its good to hear from you... oh so you're into ps2 eh?!.. what games do you play..?

    our ps2 isn't working anymore. i missed playing games on it.. for now,i m just waiting for new anime episodes to be release. whether is raw or sub.. while posting or should i say spamming here, looking for anime OST as well, doing browse on social networking sites.

    again thanks for the message... jaa~ . .
    It's ok, thank you very much.. ~ hope you have a great day coming up~

    drop me a message if you have some time.. ~

    jaa~ . . .
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