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  • Usually when spoken, we use 'dzo' (咗) for 'already' but it can be substituted with 了 :) When written though, definitely use 了.
    Syut gou :) Although I'm not sure what the 'loh' in your sentence is suppose to be, sorry :wasclose: The closet thing I can think of is milk xD
    好吧 :megane_hmm:

    我没什么经验的 请多多指教
    That's really weird :surprise: Do people that speak Mandarin or Cantonese look different or something? :reallyconfused:

    That's good! :dthumbup: The only character I know is 我 xD
    Ngoh yiga sic gun fahn -->我而家食緊飯
    Then I guess we'll just have to teach you until you can show everyone your superior Cantonese speaking skills :evillaugh:

    Let's add this to your list, "ngoh seung sic fahn" (I want to eat) xD
    Aw, there's no need to feel self-conscious. I doubt anyone judges you :) If you feel like someone is though, just proceed to show them your superior English speaking skills :lmao:

    That's a good start :thumbup: Perhaps list all the characters/phrases you know first and then we can think of something from there :fulfilled:
    Nice to know I'm not the only one xD The funny thing is, if I talk to random Chinese people in the supermarket or something, they say my Chinese is good :spitlaugh:

    It doesn't help that the only thing we can do is type, when the thing you want to do is practise speaking it.
    哈哈哈 大多数华语歌rhythm不准的 :canthear:

    的确,歌词很有意思。你朋友介绍的不错,我朋友唱过 :lmao: 皮丘你今年几岁 XD
    Do your parents ever jokingly tease you about your Chinese? My parents joke about mine a lot because it's not the greatest :XD:

    Hmm, I'm not too sure either. This is my first time teaching Cantonese :reallyconfused:
    Ngoh gei hou, lei le? xD

    I'd be more than happy to help you with your Cantonese, although it's not the best, just warning you xD Unfortunately I can't help you with Teochew. The paternal side of my family speaks Taishanese and the maternal side of my family speaks Siyi. Although I only understand a few words in both dialects, so my parents just speak Cantonese with me :p

    What do you wish to learn Pichu-san?
    Maybe you can hint at a ticket to Japan instead of games xD

    I do speak Chinese, but only Cantonese. If it's Mandarin, I can't. My pronunciation for it is terrible :forsaken:
    其他的华语歌我没什么听 :goodtea: 你是周杰伦的粉丝吗 :wasclose:

    徒儿 哪一部分不了解 :reallyconfused:
    That sounds really nice :nyanmusu_happy: What parts of Japan did you go to? I've always wanted to check out Shibuya~

    If you think I'm being a bit too nosy, just let me know xD
    So apparently 9500yen in AUD is $114 (rounded up) and the SGD$30 is about the same in AUD. That's $144 AUD. I wonder if my local game shop does price matching from other countries xD Ah, if only... :forsaken:
    If you don't mind me asking but how much did your pre-owned PSV cost? :reallyconfused: The cheapest one I could find here is $168 AUD.

    That's a lot of hinting or saving you'll need to do to get all those games :donow: Good luck, Pichu!
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