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  • Yup, that's it. It's funny, cute, slightly cringey at times but overall a nice k-drama. You can give it a shot to see how you like it :)
    真的很佩服那些发明家 为了我们不知道长了多少条白头发 :goodtea:

    我知道你可爱。。。可是打扮一点点是基本礼仪哦 :nyanmusu_yousee:
    ただいま、先生!ありがとうございます!hahaha it works better since I know the romanji! :hapgirl:

    我已经准备了很多props来帮你打扮了 :bepraised:
    Not sure if you'd find these interesting but you could try,

    RTHK Radio - majority of the stations speak Catonese but I think the second one is Mandarin only: http://programme.rthk.hk/channel/radio/player_popup.php?rid=168&player=mp3&type=live

    Found some Cantonese speaking YouTubers for you but I don't watch them so can't really say much about their content:

    - CarlosDouh (Probably the one I'd recommend out of all the links): https://www.youtube.com/user/carlosdouh/videos
    - haywong709 (Pretty sure this is a cooking channel with some other stuff mixed in): https://www.youtube.com/user/haywong709/videos
    - ASHA ETC: https://www.youtube.com/user/gcmeanslove/videos
    - gingerlemoncola: https://www.youtube.com/user/gingerlemoncola/videos?nohtml5=False

    Hope this helps :)
    没有 请问哪里下载 :bigeyes: 知道了老师,我会记住的 :learning: わかりました。

    去city那边报名吧 以可爱做主题 :puniko_timid:
    I don't listen to Cantonese songs but I do watch Hong Kong dramas on a daily basis :) How about you? :goodtea:
    好难好难好难好难 问题是我不知道几时要把那些hiragana换去汉字 :shocked:

    来吧,我们去参加pokemon contest,肯定能深受观众的厚爱 :bigeyes: 自恋了! XD
    谢谢老师的温馨提醒,我会注意的 :bigeyes:

    どう致しまして :fag:

    我可以全部用hiragana吗 :cramming:

    好难找啊啊啊 差不多全部字一模一样 XD

    老师我用搜狗,那边有拼音, 所以这不算自己打出来的 :sowwy:
    哇啊啊啊 谢谢您那么清楚又详细的解释!太感动了:chuuni_sob:

    私はDawnてす、よろしくね。 我好艰难地才找到这些字
    多谢你的奉劝,可是往往好过没有 :bigeyes:

    没有学过 这里附近也没有日文教学:sigh:
    You could try going to that site I sent you and see if there are any phrases there that we've gone through. Since they have Cantonese audio clips for each phrase, you can check whether you got your pronunciation right :goodtea:
    Yay! :chuuni_yay:

    Haha, that's fine. If you don't know something, Google it :rn1:

    I tried pronouncing that and probably failed miserably :XD:
    Oh wow, I never knew that, so that's really interesting to hear :nyanmusu_sparkle:

    Close :) Gam Yaht means 'today'. Chahm yaht would be 'yesterday'.
    Spot on with 'hai' ^^

    Sing-kay means week, and I'm honestly not quite sure what gei is when translated to English, but it's usually added to 'sing-kay' when you want to know what the day is (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) Basically I'm asking you what the day is today :)

    I found this site that might help you with learning Cantonese. It has a bunch of phrases + audio recordings for how to say them.
    He sounds really devoted to his studies :surprise: That's a good thing though! :fulfilled:

    Gam yaht hai sing-kay gei? :reallyconfused: (Hint: The day)
    That's interesting to know :goodtea: I wish I could read so I could see for myself xD Maybe I'll get my mum to read me a poem in both Cantonese and Mandarin so I can compare.
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