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  • All right, for what I can see, there's not real problem while installing, at least not one originated by the game, the problem appears to be that you don't have enough space on the drive to install the game, it uses 17.5Gb approximately, try installing it on another location with at least 18 free Gb, you can do it by clicking on the button that is at the right of the box that says "C:¥Overflow¥SHINYDAYS¥, a window will appear and you'll have to select the new folder to install it, that should solve the problem :).
    Nope, to take screenshots there must be a special key called PRTSC or PRTSCN which means print screen, once you press it open "Paint" and paste the image, try it :).
    Hi, can you post screenshots of those message boxes to see what is happening with the game?, maybe I can figure out what you need to do :).
    Hey jake, sorry for the late reply. I assume Marcoshius helped you out and you got it to work, if you still need help i can give you a hand, PS Sevania.
    i finally got the file to work now but now im on installing it i get these two japanese boxes when i try to download the software to run the game any advice on how to solve this problem?
    One cannot know if the data is corrupt until you have downloaded the files, and i don't really like Overflow's games, since I tried out School Days, that's why I can't say if the files are corrupted from the origin or if they got corrupted somewhere in the middle, but something is almost sure, you'll have to download it again from another source, if possible try out another server different from Rapidgator, some time ago I had problems with this one because the files downloaded from there where always corrupted, not because of the server, but because I was using JDownloader to do it. And it doesn't matter if you're using an external drive to save the files, I do it all the time and never really got a problem like that :).
    It depends of where do you downloaded it, because one of the files may be corrupted (that means the file is useless), to be completely sure, try using WinRAR to decompress the files, if it's still not possible then try downloading it again from another post or site, try it and tell me how it goes.
    Glad to be of help buddy, if you ever got a problem with an eroge again, just let me know, I know almost all of the types of security these games use.
    Have fun :).
    Don't worry, I know my ways around the forum :), let's see, I got the FPLE (First Press Lmited Edition) of this one, which uses a noDVD patch to run, but it seems that this "Ultra Edition" needs a serial number, here you go:

    Run the game and introduce the serial number, if it doesn't works, then let me know :).
    All right, give me the link to the download post of chivien, so i can see what kind of security the game uses, once known that, I'll be sure if it needs a crack or not and if it needs it, what kind is useful.
    All right, tell me about the problems you have and I'll try to figure out what is happening :).
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