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  • Try this, in the search bar of the start menu write "dxdiag", then a window will be displayed, then select the "Screen" tab, there must be an option that shows if Direct3D is enabled/disabled, if it's disables then enable it, and one more thing, I never told you to download the DirectX, IT COMES WITH THE GAME, you just have to install it from the installation menu of the game, just mount the game image and run Setup.exe (from the image), then select Install DirectX 9 or something alike, try that and tell me what happen.
    There're some issues with your DirectX drivers, apparently they are outdated or aren't installed, try installing the DirectX version that comes with the game, maybe that would solve the problem, I did it before with another game, altought I had DirectX properly installed, but that game didn't recognized it until I installed the version that came with the game itself, try that and tell me what happen.
    Try installing it on another computer, if the problem persist, then it may be a problem of configuration of the game itself.
    by lag i me it slow on the menu when i try clicking it to start that kind of lag and the whole game slow, how do i install the patch anyway?
    It's weird, as far as I had played eroge, I never had lag with any of it, and I used to have a very old laptop, try using the patch, maybe that would help :).
    Mmmm, seems that destiny doesn't wants you to play this game :D, don't worry, I'll upload the crack for you... Here you go:


    Hope this time finally works :).
    My bad, haven't seen the content until now, I'll leave you another link:


    There is the NoDVD, and sorry about the one, I didn't checked it because I trust that site, never failed me before, anyway hope this time it works :).
    Check the picture:

    As promised, here you go:

    1.- Your game must be installed, your installation folder must be like this :

    2.- After installing the game, you'll have to search for the crack I told you to donwload, the double clic on it to open (If your antivirus doesn't let you open the cracker, then disable it at least for a few minutes while you crack the game) :


    3.- After opening the cracker a window must open (right side of the picture) , select the first option as shown and another window will be displayed (left side of the picture), now search for the installation folder and select the SiglusEngine.exe, then select Open, and there, the game should be cracked and ready to be played:


    If there's any trouble just leave me a message, this time I'll be sure to attend faster.
    Enjoy :).
    Sorry for that, I recently changed my laptop and the past days were too busy configurating this new one (win 8 is a pain in the ... and had to change it to 7, because 8 doesn't runs VN's),and I forgotten about the tutorial, but I'll have it ready for tonight :).
    wait you going to make it? wow thank man i wouldn't think you would go that far to help me. :)
    Use the patch, if you don't know how, I'll post you a tutorial, but it'll be tomorrow, now I'm going to sleep :).
    Well now, that makes a lot more sense than the first message :), now to the point, "SiglusEngine" is the engine of security of the game, there's already a patch for it, I'll give you the link, download it and execute the patch, then find through the search-box the siglusengine.exe that is on the install directory of the game and select it, once the patching is done just run again the siglusengine.exe and the game should start.

    The link:
    May you give me a better explanation of what's happening with the game?, I can't really get what you try to say :confused:
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