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  • I'm sure of it, because the USB needs to be formatted as a bootable device, if you don't believe me try it and see what the program says while trying to do it.
    You can use a bootable USB or a bootable disc, the choice is yours, check any tutorial about how to install win7, it could be a little hard to explain with plain text so maybe viewing a video would help to make an easier explanation, YouTube is plenty of them, have this one as an example, if it doesn't likes you then search for another :):

    First of all, if you are going to make a boot-able USB make sure the USB is clean, I mean that it doesn't have any files, after that you'll need to change the settings of your BIOS to make it run from an external device, maybe you should check a tutorial about that.
    Because it requires a higher amount of RAM, but if you have at least 3Gb of RAM then you can install the 64-bit version, if you don't then choose the 32-bit.
    Just format to win7 and that should do the work, after all, formatting is to install an OS, in this case the OS is win7.
    Try this, search for the software that you're talking about on internet and see if you can download it to install, if you can, then you'll not have any problem to get it again, if you can't then the software probably will be lost.
    Guess you'll have to start by downloading win7 iso, I would like to recommend you a site, but the last one I downloaded from is down, try searching for it by yourself, if you can't find it then I'll help you.
    I suggest you to do it, but you have the final word, I had Vista once and it was an awful experience, after that I changed to win7 and never had problems to play any eroge, but as I said, the decision is yours.
    All right, I think I'm starting to know why you have so many problems, Vista is far the worst version of Windows, and another thing, you can't delete the file system from inside, maybe you don't have any idea about formatting a computer, so I'll leave you this, read it and ask me later whatever you don't understand:

    Yes, you know, re-install the OS, and if you don't know what it is, then i suggest you to do it, maybe that's why you're having this problems, the computers must be formatted at least every 6 months and as more, every year and a half to prevent critical failures in the system.

    One more thing, when you format a computer, you lost all the data so I recommend you to do a back up of all you want to save, of course, in case you want to format yours.
    I really don't know the reason why it's slow, never seen that problem before, plus you had problems with the DirectX, now, before doing something else I'd like to ask you something, when was the last time you formatted your computer?

    I can show you step by step how to install the game, but first I need to know that in order to see where the problem could be.
    You can copy the savegame folder and once the game is reinstalled put it back, replacing the new one, and you'll have your old savegame working :).
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