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  • You can get the 4th wave upgrade on the final chapter dungeon last floor(10th floor) in a treasure chest.
    Hi, unfortunately I'm not entirely sure about how to get into true route either but I believe the true route opens up on a new game+ after you have cleared the 2 routes. I might be wrong and there might be more requirements but I haven't seen anything about such requirements. I'm sorry that I can't be of help.
    I see thanks, I don't read chinese though. But I'm a bit unsure what you've read and what your replying too right now, cause I can't remember for sure what it might be that I've written or where ^^
    Nah, this is not my first time someone use my name, I am sure people know who is real, who is fake so it is not a big issue ! *kuku*

    About Bitshare, I do not know, maybe server error, Bitshare is overload lately from what I see ^^

    Um...Just for your information, girlcelly is not my username too, a best friend lend it to me. If it was me, I would like to use cooler name instead of girly :P
    Meh, more like too busy with internship more then anything else.
    But since that is over, I should have more free time so I could start uploading once more starting next week.
    Um...Man, I really busy those days, school and real life keep bother me almost the time...>_<

    About your Request, I will look at it later, maybe weekend, I am not sure though..:)

    Hm...When I start to know about PC in 2006, I had used many browsers like: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Lolifox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari...If you want to know what I am using right now, only Firefox ( very very old version but I find it is stable, at least for me ) and Internet Explorer 8 for Windows 7 on my new PC, for my old PC which is broken because of dead mainboard, I use Internet Explorer 6 instead 8 and same Firefox ! :D

    PS: There are more old version software I still using nowadays and I bet you will be surprised if I am tell you ! *kuku*
    Hey, glad you like them :). Just trying to preserve/bring some of the old stuff back. Which sometimes ranges along the line of borderline impossible but I'm trying~

    I have a question. Where is your animated GIF profile picture from? Is it from Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon?

    So that means even if the link still alive, there are some problems make me can't download it and the only way is just asking someone to reup that part? Ok I get it. Thanks a lot :D

    Anyway, how can you use GIF image on the profile picture? Mine was also GIF but I don't see it movingly.
    Hm...It is true, that Black Box game is not leaked...

    Um...I know how to download at 115 but it is depend on links, there are links you can not download, unless you log into account of Uploader...

    About your Request, I will take a look at them later, still busy with my life, that kind of stuff really annoying...>_<
    Um...Actually, 1% mean ( rr ) is good enough, I used it when I was active at Hongfire till now, different is, I used Normal at Hongfire in earlier days and stick with Fastest after I start releases games in March 2010. I am not hear much about corrupt files, just sometimes, but can use Winrar Repair Function ^^

    Ara ara~ Lucky for me then, I am quick busy those days :P

    Hai hai, I will keep my eyes on Really Really :D
    Um...Here is my only options when compress:

    1- If game contain files like Norn, Miel or ディーゼルマイン, I use Fastest and Recovery Record ( 1% ), example: ( ***.rar )
    2- If game is Image files like: ISO, MDF/MDS, I use Fastest and Recovery Record ( 3% ), example: ( *** (iso+mdf+mds+rr3).rar )
    3- When I split game folder into parts to upload to File hosting, I use Fastest and Recovery Record ( 1% )

    That is all but why you want to know ? There is some people also asked me about it at Hongfire back then ^^
    DDL is already available but you will not be able to proceed further than 75% now because the the scheduled "Complete" time is 10~20 hours from now. It is when the file complete seeding in Share and Torrent, and full copy of DDL available at the same time. If you do not understand why is the Torrent not seeded you are free to search "130726" and check the post date and the authors. Thank you for downloading.
    Ah, sure, why not ? :D

    I also save your list, will try to do it when I have more times ^^

    Edit: Bitshare Premium Account sent, check you Inbox ^_^
    Um...I have read your message but it will be more easier if you could give me list all of them, because some Lilith Games released recently :)

    Bitshare Premium Account ? I do, around 5 account before my points run out ! *kuku*
    Um...After quick check your list, I think i have almost of them, need times to recheck. But why you need Really Japanese Version while English one is out already ?

    Ah, I am lazy to make Contest so I am giving it for free ^_^
    Um...I do not have that old game too, although I have some rare games but not that XD

    btw, I am sure someone will upload when it is leaked, not me since I am not really interested in Doujin Game, only some exceptions ^^
    Nah, I know, but you can only find it there, why not give it a try ? Although it may a scam but I will not give up if I can see light of hope ^^
    Um...When I did search for those art book, it lead me to that site too, and same as you, I do not know if it is trust uploader or not. But I do not mind to spend $3 for getting rare stuffs, problem is, I do not have Paypal or any card to deal with...>_<

    btw, you can give it a try and my sense tells me it is not scam site though ^^
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