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  • sorry for that late reply, i forget to check the visitor message >.<.
    Thank you for that link :). I will download and check ^^.
    Um...I do not but I found it is available on most popular website for savedata, you can download from the link below. If it is not working, just copy and paste url into address box since Sagaoz prohibited hot link ! :)

    You can find more savedata with that site, make sure to use Japanese title when searching ^_^
    Bitshare is having its usual server problems. You won't be able to reach some of the files at all it'll either redirect or say it has a server error. The only way to get around this is to ask someone to reupload that part or see if there is a alternative part link.
    Um...It happen to me too, sometimes Bitshare can not reachable, maybe down time, that explain why you can not download. In that case, try to Refresh the page or you can wait for few hours before start to download again ^^

    Ah, you better tell me what games you are downloading, I can check on My Account to see if links actually still alive or got deleted already because of DMCA Notices, that may cause download error too...XD
    Nah, although they are classic songs but they are good and I likes, old or new is not a matter. Many new songs nowadays are badly...

    About my favourite songs, maybe tomorrow or Sunday, because there is something keep bother me in real life...>_<
    Um...It is hard to tell, but what you are saing is 50% of truth. I am not Gamer so I only listen Original Sundtrack when I hear it is nice melody in video on Youtube, Metal Gear Solid 2 Main Theme is an example :)

    Hm...Sometimes, I do hear US songs too, like Soledad, Heal The World, Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You, Mocking Bird, Hello, Wind Of Change...^^

    Mostly, I am also enjoy listen J-Pop or Anime Songs. Actually, I am like how nice melody than meaning of the song. If you want, I can link you to my favourite songs, some have lyrics ( Romaji and English ) :D
    Ah, I am rarely around Forums for chatting or something, only online when New Games out, do Requests or Moderation...Other than that, I have spend times for my real life, watch Anime, listen music, play games too ( sometime ) :D

    Anyway, thanks for your kind words ^_^
    Um...I usually do this service when I have aroud 10000 points -> 10 Premium Account for free into some kind of Contest but this time, I am lazy to do so I leave message in my signature :P

    Ah, it will be good that way, and giving Free Premium Account is only thing I can do for Downloaders in return ^_^
    Ah, sometimes Search Function did not work with that keyword, you can try with my Username and it will list all of my uploads at HCG Section ^^

    About Bitshare, I earned both points and money when someone download my links, so I want to use that "free points" to help people who do not own Premium Account. With my current points, I can give up to 10~ Premium Account, when it is out, I may stop this service for a while before continue again ^_^
    Go to Advanced Search, perform a search with the following properties

    Search Single Content
    Keyword: HCG
    User Name:: girlcelly
    Search in Forum(s): Hentai CG Packs
    Um...I am not Ripper, my friends are who rip CG so it is depend on them ! But they often skip ev only when Full Rip file size is not really big, but I will tell them to do more ev only for people who only cares about it ^_^

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