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  • Hi there ^-^ I'm going to try to be around more often so you should be seeing more of me around the forum! Glad to meet ya =3

    And yea, Katawa Shoujo is a great first timer VN game. Its a free game but it's quality is definitely worthy of being a product you'd have to pay for. Definitely one of the best VNs I have played to date. Glad you enjoyed it as well =D
    It's no trouble xD
    But yea..it's hard to pick a color. The color scheme of the image is rather..complex I'd say D:
    Hard to find a good place to put the name on and find a good matching color.
    Ah..I see.
    Ok then I'll change that.
    Which color would you prefer?
    I tried yellow previously but that was too bright.
    Hello there~

    I hope it is alright to be friends.

    May you be joyous and prosperous~

    Something sweet?

    thanks man!! the first one took forever, but once i got that one done, it's started getting easier
    Hmmm...the first one if I `member was just civvies vs. mafia.

    The second was Angel Beats. I played in that one. Got Naoi. Along with Angel we were the only "mafia". That one played out were neither side really "won". It was just me and Angel hindering Yuri and the others while they tried to achieve their goal.

    The third was Death Note. Didn`t play that one, but I think it was L and Near vs Light and Misa with the shinigami as helpers.

    As for the fourth, well it`s in progress right now with the "Shiki" set-up.

    And with Higurashi never being picked, I guess it just wasn`t popular enough. D`you know who`s hosting the next one?
    Heya Fear~

    No worries ^^
    But..I don't think I can turn that into a sig..the character has a sitting pose..dunno how to deal with that ;-;
    I can at least add your name to the picture though :o
    Hmm actually its your pm box that filled ;p You can only have 25 stored... which is quite very small :/ But anyhow clear it a bit xD
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