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  • Then ill wait for you to unofficially start baking cookies or just continue to suffer with the fact that everyone around seems to have your cookies~
    /me goes past fear on my way away from him and he finds that the tray is suddenly looking a lot sparser~ :runaway:
    Hmm not that its really necessary to have it officially on the friend's list or anything ;p Still friends even without... right? :bigeyes:
    Hello my dear little Fear~

    It's great to be friends.

    Here is a sweet treat before I forget.

    As for your questions...

    It is a pleasure to meet you.

    I don't mind getting to know one another better. It's quite fun to do so~

    I've been a member of ASF since April 1, 2012. I discovered ASF around 2010, but I just leeched. Lol~

    My favorite anime is Neon Genesis Evangelion. I praise its story pertaining to psychological teens and how they overcome or live on during certain circumstances. The mech scenes are also pretty awesome. :3

    I don't have much time to watch any anime nowadays, but I watched constantly since 1995. So I watched for about 17 years. x3

    My favorite manga is Cardcaptor Sakura because it introduced me to CLAMP. I also love CLAMP. They are my favorite manga-ka. They draw with just enough detail and I think their stories about romance is subtle and forlorn at times.

    Current favorite manga is Gintama. I laugh each time I read it and the fighting scenes balances out the humor. Sorachi-sensei is great at bringing back past characters and having them become relevant to the plot.

    My favorite VN is Dies Irae. I find that Light, the company who made it, is good at creating different story elements and combining it with history. Dies Irae's characters are pretty memorable, but the protagonist and the fighting scenes are well worth the read.

    I'm not really reading much VNs nowadays either. I just looked up February's eroge list and thought Hapymaher by PurpleSoft looked decent... only because I haven't read any of their works yet. x3 Also, it's because Yukari Aoyama is voicing one of the characters. xD

    See you soon.

    Take care~
    You should pick yourself :3
    buut if I HAD to pick, I'd personally go for Red one.
    Can't really explain why..
    The red one ads a little bit of contrast I guess :o
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